Complete Guide about Huawei Band 4

Welcome to another android technology web blog post, in this informational web content we will inform our audience of the chief features of huawei band 4. If we talk about this smart band gadget most people do not know about this before two-three years ago. But now due to the upgrade in mobile technology people are more interested to know about the diverse and advanced features of the smart band. Huawei band 4 is one of the latest wearable devices that has launched this year.

Display Features

It comes in three different colors: Sakura pink, amber sunrise, and black. The band is made of plastic and has a removable rubber strap which has many holes for a better fit. The screen has a 0.96 TFT colored touch display with a resolution of 80 by 160 P. You can also adjust the brightness in five different levels under the band is the optical sensor that lights up in green.

Unique Features

This is a fitness band that tracks your fitness activities, monitors your heart rate and measures the quality of your sleep. When measuring your heart rate the band has a water resistance of 580 m or 50 meters. This means you can even use it while taking a shower or swimming. Barring the band to your smartphone is easy just install the huawei health app and follow the instructions. It connects and syncs data to your phone via Bluetooth.

Most of the features of huawei band 4 are compatible with devices running Android 4.4 or email 5.0 or later and ios 9 or later. This can also function as a remote shutter that works for taking pictures and videos. You will need the huawei health app to change some settings or turn on. Its features like a true sleep activity reminder, continuous heart rate monitoring, alarm notifications, weather reports race to wake screen and rotate the switch screen, as these options cannot be modified from the band alone.

However, there are also different features built into the band like clock sleep tracker, sleep monitoring Notification, center find my phone timer, stopwatch, and nine different moons. The watch face is customizable and has a variety of faces to choose from. On the far, we have an app as well you can install up to six different watch faces. So, if you want to install a new face you may need to delete your least favorite one. What you like about the workout modes is you can set your target, distance, duration, and even calories for each activity. The band will vibrate once you reach your set target and you can keep track of your activities and earn medals for any of your fitness achievements.

Battery Health

The battery of the huawei b, and 4 is 91 milli amperes. It is a small battery but it can last up to five days depending on the features you turn-on on your band. Charging is also easy because you don’t need an extra dock or cable to do that, just remove the strap and plug it in directly to any USB outlet or power bank that makes our consumer review of the latest huawei band 4 quite interesting.


It already has almost all the features that you need if you have an active lifestyle and want to keep track of your performance. Even beginners will find it easy to use and appreciate the band because this will serve as their guide to help them achieve their fitness goals. I recommend you to consider this huawei band 4. If you are willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This band will surely be going to help you to achieve your daily milestones. If you want us to write more technology-related articles please let us know in the comment section.

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