Consider The Best Features And Benefits Of The Alesis Strike Pro

The majority of people who love to play electronic drum sets know that how versatile these musical instruments are in terms of performance and music genres. However, Alesis Nitro kits are also available in the market. Some kits are called entry-level kits for drummers, while some other Alesis kits are advanced level kits, named Alesis Strike Pro Kit. 

Alesis Strike Pro kit is a professional electronic drum kit that possesses eleven different elements. These kits are getting popular among drummers. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the key features and benefits of using these pro kits. Click the below link to check out the Alesis Strike Pro review to know more about it! 

Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition

The Alesis Strike Pro Features:

Now, let us explain some of the important features of Alesis strike pro kits, which will convince you to have this set:

  • This is a total of the 11-pieces drum set. So, it possesses everything needed for professional performance.
  • There are mesh heads provided in this drum set. All of the pads included in this kit provide you with an amazing drumming feeling. 
  • This drum set contains a 14-inches kick-drum pad and snare drum pad. But, the electrical snare drum pad has a dual-zone so that it can provide the user with a high level of responsiveness.
  • There are amazing four tom pads and four different sizes available for 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches drum sets. These tom pads are also dual-zone pads. They can ensure that your tom fills and roll will produce a great sound in the audience.
  • The cymbal department of the Alesis pro kit possesses three different representatives; the first one is a 12-inch mobile hit-hat cymbal, the second is a 14-inch dual-tone crash cymbal, and the third one is a 16-inch cymbal that has triple-zone features.  
  • This whole drumming squad is administered by the Strike Performance Module. There is strict monitoring and each of the elements should be connected to the device. Another tremendous thing about it is that it contains 4.3 inches LED screen that uses the module very smoothly.
  • It is very obvious that the integrity of the drumming depends on the rack. The guys belonging to Alesis have created a top-notch, a rack made of chrome, and a double-braced stand for the snare. 

Advantages Of Playing A Strike Pro Kit:

Below are some of the best benefits that can compel you to play this drum kit:

  • The major benefit provided by the Alesis Strike Pro drum kit is that it will provide you with the feel of playing the traditional drum. On the other hand, you will have the option of high-tech features.  
  • You should not worry that your kick on the snare drum will not be correct or natural. The pads possess mesh heads. Thus, everything you will play will be genuine. 
  • The cymbals depict a great sound of natural bounce, as well as the player’s control and smooth feeling.  
  • When the snare, toms, or cymbals will be hit, you will obtain a sound of great quality. The reason is that the quality of these Alesis pro strike kits is durable and can provide high-quality sound.
  • The drum shells of these sets are created with high-quality wood, and because of such natural element utilization, the traditional drumming feature will be achieved. Also, you will feel that you are playing a premium quality traditional drumming kit.  

Ending Notes:

These are the features and advantages of using Alesis Strike pro kits. If you have this sort of drumming kit, you will enjoy the feeling of using traditional drumming, and the audience will also delight in your musical beats.

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