Consulting a Bankruptcy Lawyer before Filing bankruptcy Pro Se in Florida

It is understandable that since you are already facing financial constraints, you do not have the resources to hire a bankruptcy attorney. In such situations, people usually decide to file for bankruptcy by themselves. This process is called filing bankruptcy pro se. The honest truth about filing bankruptcy on your own is that it is usually not a good idea since the legal process is quite complex and you might make some mistakes. Help from a bankruptcy attorney is therefore recommended. 

Should you file for bankruptcy?

Before you file for bankruptcy, it is crucial to get in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer to understand whether you should be filing for bankruptcy in the first place. When you consult a lawyer, they make it clear from the very outset if you are eligible to do that, and if yes, what kind of bankruptcy you should be filing for.  

The lawyer will help you with understanding two things:

  • Is filing bankruptcy needed?
  • Which type should you file for?

When it comes to whether one needs to file, the lawyer will try to walk you through some other options. For example, the lawyer may recommend that you pay off only some of your debt, or maybe wait until you get your tax return. In some cases, the lawyer may even advise against filing at all. 

Some other things a lawyer will help out with are:

  • Teaching you about the kind of debts.
  • How much debt can be discharged?
  • How to protect assets like homes, cars, and retirement funds?
  • When is the right time to file for bankruptcy?

The lawyer will also help you choose the right kind of bankruptcy. The thing is, not everyone knows about the different types of bankruptcies or who is eligible to file for which. By trying to handle everything on your own, you might tank your chances of discharging your debts. A lawyer can save you from such mistakes by helping you understand the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Final thoughts:

When you are doing something, you should try to do it right. And a bankruptcy lawyer in Orlando, Florida, can help you with that. Not filing your bankruptcy the right way will only cause you more problems and waste your time. You might even have to file for it again and again, so why go through so much when you can do it properly the first time?

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