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Content That Instagram Reel Algorithm Prefers

Content That Instagram Reel Algorithm Prefers

As everyone may be aware of how fast Instagram is burgeoning, with over one billion users, it has become the ultimate priority for businesses looking to get a flux of new visitors to their business website! To get most from the Instagram, you should know what’s trending on Instagram! Reels are one of the trending growth hacks on the social app that is likely to get more popular in months to come. So, you should capitalize it to grow your followers? Are you wondering how do reels algorithm work and how can you crack its secret code to get more visibility? Here! The blog post will walk you through everything needed to hack the Instagram reel algorithm.  

Avoid blurry and recycled content.

Reels algorithm was a mystery until Instagram shared that recycled video from other platforms like Facebook or TIKTOK or the low-quality video is worthless as the algorithm deprioritizes such content. In other words, content with visible watermark of other apps will be less discoverable from the content that is unique, high quality and specifically created for Instagram. Therefore, you are unlikely to get more followers on Instagram unless your strategy aligns with the policies set by the app itself. 

What kind of Reels businesses and creators should post?

Now you know what kind of content reels algorithm prefers, and it’s the right time for you to update the content strategy to gain an advantage and post content that is:

Entertaining and fun – grabs users’ attention and make them laugh. 

Engaging and creative – use filters, cameras or effects. 

Use vertical videos and use them from the Instagram music library. 

Be open to experiments – be yourself, try something exciting and see what works for you. 

By following these tricks, you’ll get a better chance of reaching a new audience and increasing your follower count. And strictly refrain yourself from using content that is:

  • Blurry with low resolution
  • Contains logos or watermarks and is visibly recycled from other social apps
  • The video is not engaging, and the images are covered by text.
  • Any video that has a border around them.
  • Content that does not abide by Instagram’s community guidelines. 

Instagram, however, has also confirmed that it will highly prioritize content that is entertaining, interesting and funny or something the app feels can relate well to a particular segment of the users. So, whenever you form your Instagram Reel strategy, make sure it is incorporating these elements so that you can outstand your competitors and reach the audience. 


You stay behind if you don’t follow the trends. You need to know what can work for your business or, in other words, what strategies you should incorporate and what practices you eliminate to thrive. Instagram reels create a buzz, and you should also go with the flow by creating a winning reels content strategy. Content that is entertaining, inspiring, funny and attention-grabbing can work for you! On the flip side, low resolution, blurry, and recycled content that is unclear will never work for you!

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