Corona Virus and Children: Is It Safe to Return Your Kid to Child Care?

During this Coronavirus pandemic, many schools in Albany and across the world are in dilemma regarding the in-person class. Parents of the younger children are facing an equal challenge in deciding whether their children should return to child care or not? The main question of concern is how the coronavirus is going to impact children? How safe would be such a program for kids and their families? And with the rise of this global pandemic, is this whole idea appropriate?

Although this depends upon the location you live in, the number of cases in your area, the health of your child, and the family members. There are other key considerations too that a parent must look through to keep their child safe, secure, and healthy.

Coronavirus and Children: The Risk

Children definitely can come in contact with the virus; however, the outcomes are generally less severe than those of adults. But, just like in adults, children with an underlying health condition such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, lung disease, and other ones are at a far greater risk. Their health condition can turn miserable and they can face some major health complications.

It was stated in, during the early month of the pandemic reported incidence of Covid-19 in adults based in the USA was approximately 0.8%, out of which the child care workers would reach up to 450 workers being infected. Thus, how could one check whether the child care provider is safe?

Check-in with your child care provider

You will have to be sure of the plans and the children’s safety provided by the care center. They must have appropriate ways to ensure hygiene, health, and safety of each child is well maintained without any negligence.  You can join peach care for kids programs also and you will have to be sure of the plans and the children’s safety provided by the care center. They must have appropriate ways to ensure hygiene, health, and safety of each child is well maintained without any negligence. The plan for cleaning, disinfecting, screening the children, looking at the symptoms carefully, and handling the illness should be thoroughly followed. When they take up proper safety steps, they are not going to fuel the spread of the virus amongst children.


Will it be possible for the childcare Albany center to encourage social distancing especially at the time of meals, snacks, and naps? If the children stay with each other throughout the day, it somehow means they won’t follow social distancing during mealtime. But, during snack or mealtime, proper care should be taken by not letting them sit together in a group. Strategies should be followed up to position kids at a distance while eating and sleeping, using systematic barriers and effective distancing too. During the playing time, organizing such activities that can be played naturally with distance should be entertained.


All the staff, as well as the parents, must wear a mask, while they drop and pick their kids. There are few children care centers that mandate children wearing masks. Mask is highly applicable to only those children who are physically capable of wearing it. Remember that children under the age of 2 should not wear a mask as they are not capable to remove it in case of an emergency.

Restricting Visitors

When it comes to childcare, they may entertain physical and speech therapists and other workers too. Make sure you ask them whether they have any plans for a virtual session? Visitors who visit the center must properly be sanitized. Their temperature should be checked regularly before allowing them to enter the premises. A well sanitized and spacious room should be allotted where the child gets enough ventilation and care.

How do you know whether the care center is safe? 

There are proper guidelines provided to schools and care centers for children when it comes to COVID-19 safety precautions. It is proven through research that if the guidelines are followed up properly, there won’t be any complications. There is no need for any parent to be in a panic and be worried if the child center adheres to these rules; such as frequent temperature checks, disinfecting the surface area, proper ventilation room, the small size of the group, social distancing, and sanitizing. Child care centers don’t seem to be a threat; however, this doesn’t mean they are not. A parent must look through the center, ask questions, and see if they are following up on the proper health care plan for your kids.


The decision to let your child attend a childcare center is your personal decision. Only if you feel you are confident with the care center in terms of their health and safety plans for kids, only then you can make an informed decision about it. It is always better to consult your child care specialist to understand the medical condition and the risk factor. Once you are certain about your kid’s health condition, you can then make a rational decision.

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