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It is a known fact that for hair transplant, Turkey is one of the most important locations in the world. There are several clinics that offer hair transplant operations in Turkey. Being one of them, Cosmeticium is one step ahead with its qualities. You can find everything you need to know about Cosmeticium, the place where thousands get hair transplant service, in our article.

Why Is Turkey The Best Country for Hair Transplant?

Turkey has the best position in the world when it is about hair transplant. The most obvious proof of that is the fact that thousands of people come to Turkey every year for hair transplant. There are several underlying reasons. Although Turkey is behind the USA and EU countries concerning some topics, the situation changes when it is about health care. Health care system in Turkey is advanced to the utmost. It has very high capacity to educate new doctors. Thus, hair transplant operations are performed successfully.

Turkish surgeons have the sufficient expertise and experience about hair transplant. Using the most advanced techniques and medical equipment in the world, these successful surgeons meet patient expectations completely. Additionally, it should be noted that medical sufficiency and experience of clinics are generally beyond expectations. When all these come together, the result is just perfect.

Being performed successfully, hair transplant operations are also attractive in Turkey when total cost is considered. When compared to other countries in the world, it can be said that total cost is highly affordable. When compared to the USA and EU countries, total operation cost in Turkey is around 60-70% cheaper.

Another outstanding feature Turkey offers is that packages are offered to patients coming from abroad. When you select Turkey for hair transplant, all arrangements are done by Cosmeticium. Picking up from the airport, your accommodation at a hotel, transfers between hotel/clinic/the airport and every requirement and operation about hair transplant exist in this planning. Moreover, all included in the price. You don’t need to pay extra money for these. Due to such advantages, Turkey is the best country in the world for hair transplant operation.

Why Cosmeticium?

Cosmeticium has been serving in hair transplant business for a long time. Having highly experienced surgeons with high expertise levels results in high success rates at Cosmeticium. This is the fundamental reason why thousands of people prefer Cosmeticium every year. It should also be noted that whole medical staff has the same level of service and professional quality. This ensures all patients complete this process without experiencing a serious problem.

Having very high medical sufficiency level, Cosmeticium is a clinic where state-of-art equipment and advanced techniques are used. Planning ability is high at Cosmeticium. Thanks to the plans arranged for patients coming from abroad, patients receive the procedure without experiencing any difficulty and go back to their home countries. The only thing for these patients to do is to come to Turkey on the date appointed to them. From the moment a patient come to Cosmeticium in Turkey, all arrangements about everything until the return are done by Cosmeticium. Therefore, patients can have their minds free of such details.

Our Difference and Quality

The idea of having hair transplant in a different country may not be charming. Eventually, it may make you feel uncomfortable to go to a different country, staying together with people talking a different language and getting a hair transplant. However, Cosmeticium shares all details with you prior to your arrival as well as day-to-day planning of the procedure. Furthermore, from the first moment, Cosmeticium assigns a personal translator for you and prevents the possibility of experiencing any difficulty due to language. You will also have the chance to talk to your doctor via your personal translator, for any question in your mind, any time.

As Cosmeticium, we plan every step for you and ensure that you experience flawless hair transplant procedure. Let us remind you that, for such an experience, all you need to do is to contact us.


Cosmeticium provides not only world-class hair transplant service but also affordable prices. When total cost of hair transplant is considered, it can be realized that the average value is around 8.000-10.000€ in the USA and EU countries. Cosmeticium, on the other hand, can offer the same service to you for around 2.000€. So, it is clear that the procedure costs 60-70% less. On top of that, the following services are also included in this price:

  • All cost items about the surgery
  • Accommodation at a 4-5 star hotel
  • Welcoming at the airport
  • All shuttle transfers between hotel, clinic and the airport
  • Necessary medical tests
  • Nursery Services
  • Personal translator
  • Prescribed medicines and medical materials
  • Anesthesia
  • All consultations before and after the procedure
  • All supplementary health care services after the procedure
  • Dietician appointment and examination as well as diet plans
  • Special health coordinator

You don’t need to make extra payment for any of these services. All these are included in the price. Therefore, you should know that hair transplant cost is way cheaper than it look at Cosmeticium.

Actual Patient Feedbacks Regarding Cosmeticium

People who got a hair transplant in the past shared their experience in different platforms. Some feedbacks from TrustPilot, an objective and authoritarian feedback website, can be found below.

Kimia RER

After reading the feedbacks at TrustPilot, I decided to get a hair transplant at Cosmeticium. I received a great deal of attention from Çağlar and his staff. They took good care of me. I had serious anxiety and fear before the procedure. Yet, they waited with patience and did everything they could in order to relieve me. After the procedure, I felt like I was reborn. It was very kind of them to prepare a birthday cake for me before I left İstanbul. At this point, I once again want to thank Cosmeticium.

Levent AKDAĞ

Some time ago I had an operation at Cosmeticium clinic. I can summarize all my experience with one word: amazing. Çağlar and his staff perform a really good job. At first, I didn’t guess that I would get such high quality service. They did everything to relieve me and make me ready for the procedure. During the operation, 3.500 grafts were planted and all operation took around 8 hours. Çağlar personally took care of the procedure. I was also informed in detail about post-procedure things to pay attention.

Turkey is really an amazing country. I was there for a hair transplant but it was like a mini-vacation. I stayed at a 5-star hotel. Everything was amazing. Thank you once again, Cosmeticium.


In my opinion, Çağlar Armağan is the best hair transplant surgeon unquestionably. I am very happy that I preferred Dr. Çağlar for hair transplant. Before getting a hair transplant, I made long researches and learnt that FUE technique is effective. It was even more effective thanks to Dr. Çağlar’s technique. Almost none of my hair strand is lost. It was a very successful hair transplant. Thank you very much Cosmeticium family.

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