Creative Ways to Design A Charming Garden

Gardens are lovely outdoor spaces used for the purposes of relaxation, enjoyment, mental peace and getting the necessary fresh air. Gardens are also the first interaction of your home that people get when they visit. Hence, gardens are an important aspect of the interior design scheme of a house, especially the front yard gardens. A beautifully organized and kept garden is a defining feature of your house’s overall initial impression.

These are the reasons why online garden design is becoming an important part of all the main interior design outlets and projects. Most professional interior designers now deem the garden design an integral part of all their projects and jobs. It presents a great opportunity to design and organize an outdoor space that’s part of the house.

There are many a features and options that will turn your garden into a creative and charming place that everyone loves to spend time in. These features are as follows.


A Platform


Having a non-grass platform will give your garden the necessary creative edge and a pleasant aesthetic. Such a platform within the vicinity of a garden is best when it’s made of stone. Since stone is a more natural element that goes well with grass. However, the platform can be marble or granite or anything else as well.

This feature does not only beautify the space, but it’s also functional and useful. It can serve as a seating area for when the grass is wet as a result of rain or dew. It can also serve as a small venue for a small celebration because it’s easier to clean as compared to the grass in case of spillage or leftovers.

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Garden Fence


Adding a fence can add significantly to the visual aspect of a garden. Albeit make sure the fence fits in well with the overall look and design of the garden. Subtle, matching colours are always great in bright, outdoor settings. Hence, shades like green or white will work well instead of something like black or red.

Various shapes and designs are also available. You can use online garden design plans or hire fence installation companies to help you decide what goes best with your overall garden design scheme.


Garden Furniture


Adding a bit of furniture like a table and a set of chairs can give the garden a more inviting and comfortable look and feel. The furniture made out of wicker goes well into a garden setting. Or it can be made of plastic too. Basically, you want furniture that does not get ruined due to changing weather conditions like rain or direct, harsh sunlight etc. Since it’s going to be in an open and exposed outdoor space, it needs to be resilient. Online garden design ideas can help with the placement of furniture too.

Garden furniture should also be lightweight so you can easily pick up and move in case of rain or other severe weather.

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Water Features and Stepping Stones


Adding water features like a fountain or a mini waterfall not only increase the aesthetic value, but also provide access to running water in the garden area. Other than decorative purposes, stepping stones can act as a guided path through the garden to help avoid stepping on flower beds or wet grass.

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