Decentralised Ventilation with Heat Recovery: How Does it Work?

The quality of the air in our homes affects our wellbeing, our mood and even our overall health. Therefore, opening a window is not enough to effectively ventilate a room. Installing a good quality ventilation system in the home has several beneficial effects, including the purification and supply of fresh air. It also ensures a comfortable temperature inside the house, regardless of the weather outside, provided a heat recovery unit is installed. Decentralised ventilation with heat recovery is a modern solution for managing indoor air quality and energy efficiency in different rooms. So how does decentralised MVHR with heat recovery work? Let’s look at the details.

How ventilation with a recuperator works

At first glance, such systems seem complex and incomprehensible. But Ecostream explained the specifics of how they work in simple terms. 

Decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (or dMVHR) is a system that provides controlled air exchange in a building. And the main benefit (and feature!) of such a system is that it provides fresh air to each room individually. The decentralised approach is a way of creating a more controlled indoor climate and a more comfortable living environment.

The ventilation works autonomously: it can adjust the air exchange rate according to air quality and other factors, optimising the comfort and energy efficiency of your building.

Why such ventilation?

Heat recovery and decentralised ventilation raise the bar for energy efficiency and comfort. It is a comprehensive solution that reduces heating and cooling costs while improving air quality.

Here are the main benefits of the system in a nutshell: 

  • Every room in your house has high-quality air that is free of pollution, dust, allergies, and excessive humidity. Those who suffer from allergies or respiratory disorders should pay particular attention to this.
  • The chance to save. If you want to save on your energy bills, ventilation with heat recovery is a good solution. A more rational use of resources is also a concern for the environment.
  • No cold or draughts. The system helps to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in your home. You will feel comfortable both in the summer heat and in the winter frost.

Decentralised ventilation systems can be installed in both new and renovated buildings without major disruption. And quiet operation and remote control are the key to your 24/7 comfort.

If you are wondering whether it is worth installing a ventilation system in your home, have no doubt: it is a great solution. You can choose from a wide range of systems to find the one that best suits your home. To avoid making a mistake, look at the performance of the system, the availability of additional options and the ease of management. Make sure that a ventilation system with heat recovery has a winter mode and can work effectively in sub-zero temperatures.

Of course, the best decision when choosing a ventilation system is to consult with specialists. Specialists will visit the facility, make calculations and help you choose the optimal solution specifically for your accommodation.

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