Decking Sunshine Coast Coatings & Their Care

In California, waterproof deck coatings and condominiums appear to go hand in hand. They appear to be in almost every HOA development, either over living space or linked to a room. Residents adore them since their decks are frequently used as extra living space, but income homeowners and managers despise them because of the difficulties that always seem to accompany them. Some owners and managers attempt to amend the CC&Rs to make owners liable for these exclusive use areas, reducing their exposure to these issues. Other boards simply bury their heads in the sand, fixing decks as complaints are received, usually with minimal labor to keep the decking sunshine coast from leaking. Smart management and boards at Stilus Design and construction will address the issue head-on, aiming to resolve their deck issues as soon as possible. As a former HOA manager, I experienced firsthand how neglecting waterproof deck upkeep can be very costly. 


Monitoring decks is the key to preventing them from becoming an issue. Frequently, the manager and/or the Board will walk the general area assets of the Association to inspect the components for which the Association is answerable. Downspouts and sewer lines are typical objects that are inspected, as is the quality of the paint on the buildings, the roof, and anything else that can be seen from the street and walkways. Waterproofed decks are rarely inspected because they are normally on the second or third floor. Access through the house is difficult to negotiate with the owners, and who among the managers or members of the Board of Directors wants to climb a ladder? 

As a result, the decks are left to their own devices until an owner phones to report that water is seeping into their house from the deck above them during the season’s worst rainstorm. The deck issue then rears its ugly head, prompting the manager to go into emergency mode, hiring a handyman to cover the deck temporarily, waiting for a decking firm to come out and inspect it, and getting the Board to authorize the restoration, all of which can require a month or more. The homeowner is upset because their deck leaks, the manager is upset because he or she hears from the owner 2-3 times with problems, and the deck company is frequently swamped with leak calls that take forever to resolve. 

Reserve Fund Considerations 

Before you choose a deck coating, you should figure out what your total ownership expenses will be. There is the expense of buying the product today, as well as the price of future upkeep to consider. Choosing a high-maintenance deck coating might have a long-term impact on your Association’s dues and reserve requirements. For example, how much would it expense to clean and reseal a coating every 2-3 years to keep your guarantee valid? Multiply that price by the projected life term. For the next 30 years, a low installation cost might simply morph into a high-cost maintenance headache. 

Conclusion:- You don’t have to fear the unexpected when it comes to your decks once you understand what to search for as a management or Board member. The idea is to be proactive and does critical upkeep before the deck becomes an issue.

Incorporating the decks into a daily upkeep routine will save heartache, time, and cash, much like the rest of the Association’s upkeep requirements.

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