DFS Tools to Help You Win

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has been bowling over the internet and for good reason. It offers intense competition and an opportunity to socialize with other sports aficionados across the world.

What Is Daily Fantasy Sports?

As the name suggests, you play online sports that are similar to season-long competitions but within the span of a single day. The scoring is the same as year-long leagues, but in the case of daily fantasy sports, the payments are made on a daily or weekly basis.

It is these big payouts that make DFS so popular and exciting. The odds of winning big like a million dollars may be as slim as winning the lottery, but it makes playing these games just as thrilling.

As a result, DFS tools have similarly soared in popularity with the increase in players. These tools help in creating lineups and predicting the best matches based on their advanced analytics. 

Since there are a plethora of tools to choose from, we have curated a list of the best DFS tools in the market today for those who are looking for some extra help.

  • DFS Playbook Pro

The DFS Playbook Pro by Fantasy Alarm serves as a one-stop solution for everything that you need to manage your daily lineups regardless of any sports across the industry. It includes projections, in-depth analyses, rankings and position coaches among other things that too from the best analysts in the industry.

  • Lineup Optimizer

Lineup optimizers are offered by a number of sites and they offer expert sanctioned consensus rankings and site-specific player values for generating daily sports lineups. 

As player values get updated daily from the leading DFS sites and you can choose your desired roster by using built-in features like lineup savings, player exclusions, consensus rankings and so much more in a matter of a few seconds.

  • DailyRoto Daily Fantasy Rundown

Led by credible industry experts, DailyRoto’s Daily Fantasy Rundown offers roster lineup advice and professional commentary. The package includes features like tested strategy guides, lineup alerts, analyses and cheat sheets.


The tool doesn’t even tell you about what they feel the good picks are. Instead, it shares the in-depth statistical research and analysis that goes into their selections so you are able to make your own informed decision.


This selection process takes into consideration various determining factors such as opportunity costs, position scarcity and other specifics of each day that play a definitive role in terms of the outcome.

  • FantasyLabs

A subscription to the premium pack offered by FantasyLabs includes access to every fantasy sports league out there and you do not have to look for additional or multiple resources.


The tool allows you to build and then backtest various DFS models and analyze trends before you zero in on your final lineup. It contains real-time sports data that updates itself in accordance with changing information as well as strategy breakdowns and tutorials from some of the best players out there.

Daily fantasy sports are fun to play and involve a low-risk-reward policy that makes them all the more attractive. In many cases, people also end up making more money than they initially spend and that makes it all the more worthwhile. So get cracking with any or all of these tools that are sure to make a difference and who knows if you might even end up winning big too!

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