Different Types of Chillum Glass Pipes

Chillum Glass

A chillum is a type of smoking pipe. It is also called hand-pipe, bats, or one-hitters. The traditional chillum has a hollow interior and is shaped like a tube/pipe. 

The contemporary chillums are mostly still shaped like tubes but many are encased and stylized. For instance, the Monkey Pipe looks like a pocket knife but still functions majorly like the traditional chillum. 

The History of Chillum Pipes

Suffice to mention that it is one of the earlier smoking devices dating back to as far back as earlier than the 18th century. In many early cultures, pipe-smoking was rarely done for recreation because it had spiritual or religious significance. Smoking was usually done as an aspect of some religious ceremonies. 

It later progresses from being a religious rite to more of recreational and social activity. With the growth in technology, manufacturers began to produce smoking pipes from different materials, such as glass and metal. 

Although different materials are used in making smoking pipes, wooden and glass are the most popular in modern culture. They are less bulky, smaller, and sleeker. They are also cheaper than most other smoking devices. The glass chillum offers a better taste and smoking experience than most others, including wooden options. You can also use glass blunt to smoke your weed. Chillum glass blunt pipe are also available in the market.

How to Use a Chillum Glass

To use a chillum pipe, you load the material into one end of the pipe and apply heat from the outside of the tube with a lighter or torch. When the heat starts radiating, inhale the smoke from the other end. Some chillums have carburetors and others do not. 

The carburetor is a hole situated close to one end and it makes way for more air to be drawn in. It serves a major function of maintaining the integrity of the smoke and not making it go stale. 

Types of Chillum Glass Pipes

For a start, a chillum comes in different styles and shapes, and the glass pipe is one of them. There are Monkey Pipes, Dugout pipes, and One-Hitter. In this post, we will focus on glass pipes and different types that you can find in the market.

  • Spoon Pipes

These are made from glass with the architecture of a spoon pipe. It is the most popular style of a hand pipe and is available in various styles, colors, and designs. You will be amazed at the volume of options available in the market covering different designs and styles. You are sure to find the piece that is perfect for your use. Spoon pipes are highly functional and efficient. 

They are an excellent choice for low-key tokers. They are discreet and take up minimal space. These glass chillums have a bowl where you load your dry herb. They also have a carb that allows you to easily release smoke that builds up within the chamber. Each of these chillums also comes with a mouthpiece and stem.

  • Sherlock Style Pipes

These hand-pipes come in the traditional pipe style with the standard “U” shape from the mouthpiece to the bowl. It features an arched design, allowing more room for the smoke to cool off before you inhale the smoke from the dry herb. 

Sherlock pipes are so named after Mr. Sherlock Holmes. This alone gives the pipe an honorable tint and prestige to it. He was famous for smoking them and that stamina never left. 

  • Steamroller Glass Chillums Pipes

These are designed for individuals that enjoy getting heavy hits. Steamroller glass chillums are long, delicate glass cylinders featuring a bowl at the top. 

Both ends of the cylinder are also completely open and the cylinder is designed like the chillum itself. It produces straight shots from the bowl right to the mouthpiece. The open end serves as the carb on the device.

  • Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler pipes can hold water. They are made of glass and when compared to the traditional hand-pipes, these bubblers come with a stem for their bowl. This helps to hold the bowl steadily while it penetrates the water within the bottom reservoir. 

Bubbler offers extra cooling and percolation to your smoke to give smoother and better hits anytime. Suffice to mention that bubbler pipes come in different styles, designs, and sizes. However, they all function the same way. You can be sure to find the perfect bubbler pipe that will suit your smoking needs.

  • One-Hitters

This is the closest to the traditional chillum that you can get in glass chillums. It is a cylindrical tube designed for dry herb use. It can be used for CBD or weed herb. To use it, simply put your herb in one end of the chillum and inhale through the other, just like a cigarette. 

These chillums hold ample herb for a single hit, which makes them the perfect choice for people looking for portable devices. You can carry them around discreetly in your pocket for a fast fix anytime. You can pair your one-hitter with a dugout, both of which fit perfectly into your pocket for outdoor use.

Why are Glass Chillums so Popular?

The popularity of glass chillums is attributed to their functionality and usage. They come in different styles and designs, each having its special grace and features. One of the major reasons for the popularity of these chillums is the smoking experience it delivers. 

Smoking with wooden or metal chillums introduces different tastes of the materials to the real taste of the product you are smoking. This detracts from the actual aroma and feel. Glass chillums do not have this problem. 

You do not have to worry about any additional taste being introduced to your herb. Apart from this, here are some other benefits of using glass chillums:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Promote healthier smoke
  • It comes in a variety of beautiful designs and styles
  • It is very discreetly shaped

So, these are the different types of glass chillums you can find in the market. The truth is that there are a plethora of designs and styles that you can explore and you can be sure to find the perfect piece for you. 

Glass types of chillums that are available to you include spoon pipes, Sherlock-style pipes, steamroller pipes, bubbler pipes, and one-hitters. You will find them on the market in different styles and designs.

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