Different Ways to Take CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an important component of medicinal cannabis and is widely consumed across the globe due to its potential benefits. CBD oil is produced and sold by different companies and has variable safety profile and user standards. Consumers can use CBD oil in different ways according to their personal preferences and medical conditions. This article is mainly focused on highlighting various ways to consume CBD oil to ensure effective results.

Generally, there are four main ways to consume CBD oil such as

  • Inhalation
  • Topical Intake
  • Ingestion
  • Sublingual Intake


Ingesting CBD oil is one of the most common and easiest ways of consumption. This oil will be passed through the digestive system soon after ingestion and is readily metabolized by the liver, followed by its absorption to the bloodstream. This way of consuming CBD oil is exactly like the administration of supplements and vitamins and produces good relieving, calming, and regulating effects in few minutes.

CBD oil products include beverages, edibles, CBD pills, and CBD capsules, and consumers can intake any product according to their tastes and preferences. Moreover, CBD oil can also be easily infused with a variety of desired beverages and edibles.

Sublingual Intake

Sublingual intake involves placing CBD oils and tinctures under the tongue for about one minute so that the mucus membrane can easily take up its active ingredients. This process significantly favors the absorption process and bypasses these ingredients to the liver and digestive system for metabolization.

Thus, it allows quick delivery of specific compounds to the bloodstream and favors the quick interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it is an ideal way to consume CBD oil for producing quick effects and immediate relief.

Topical Products

CBD oil can be directly applied to the skin topically which offers good absorption and relief from various skin disorders and conditions. The active ingredients in these products are easily absorbed through skin pores and interact with skin cells near the surface. These active ingredients do not enter the bloodstream, and do not cause any side effects on the body system and metabolic activities.

These topical products are ideal for pain relief and are easily available in the form of salves and lotions. Moreover, some people can also use these products for their daily skincare routine for more pronounced results.


CBD oil can be easily inhaled by using vape pens and other vaping options. Generally, CBD oil is heated by using a vaporizer to favor the release of active ingredients and compounds. Vaping is essentially helpful to reduce the potential entry of harmful byproducts that are created due to combustion.

Vaporization causes easy entry of CBD compounds to the lungs and helps its direct diffusion to the bloodstream. In this way, CBD does not have to pass through the liver, and digestive system so it can easily enter to the circulation system. Fewer CBD compounds are lost in vaporization method than the other ingestion methods. These vaporizers are available in different sizes ranging from tabletop to the battery-operated portable pens.

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