Do Exterior Cladding Panels Need to Be Painted?

Many people will ask this question when they are remodeling their home and are looking at the exterior of the building. Do exterior cladding panels need to be painted? The answer to that question can vary depending on the type of material used, the climate where you live, and your painting style. Before you start painting cladding panels, you have to know if they need to be painted or cleaned first. Here’s a quick guide to exterior cladding panels:

Do exterior cladding panels need to be painted? 

Sometimes, no matter how much maintenance you do on your home, paint just needs to be reapplied. This is especially true when it comes to newer properties or ones that aren’t as heavily lived in. If you have very old and worn-out windows and doors, painting them may not be needed anymore. If you’re repainting them, consider giving them a neutral or ivory color.

How about with outside cladding panels? They do not need to be painted. In fact, the best time to paint these materials is when they are newly installed. You don’t want to repaint them often because the paint gets dull and starts to peel away.

Exterior wall cladding panels need to be painted every few years if you want them to last that long. This is true regardless of the type of material that you use. If you decide on vinyl materials, for example, you should paint them each year. With aluminum or iron cladding panels, however, you should paint them every six to twelve months.

Why do different external claddings require to be painted several times?

The reason is that paint product are very harsh. They can cause damage to certain types of materials. The paint will even react with some materials and create other problems. Exterior cladding panels are a good example of how to paint products can be problematic.

So, what do you do if you have to repaint your exterior cladding panels? The answer is simple. You’ll want to hire a professional company to do it for you. There’s nothing wrong with hiring someone to paint your exterior wall cladding panels, so don’t hesitate to do this.

You need to find a company that has experience with this job. A job that requires knowledge of all sorts of building materials is much better than a company that knows nothing about it. Make sure the company has been painting for a number of years. Ask for a portfolio of past jobs. Ask for recommendations from people who have worked with the company. If you do enough research, you should easily be able to find a good company to paint your exterior walls for you. For inquiries and availing of external claddings, visit exterior cladding panels by Dekko.ca

What is the process of painting exterior cladding panels?

The process of painting your exterior cladding panels can take a few hours or a day. It all depends on how much work there is to do and how long it takes the contractor to finish the job. If you decide to hire a professional company, they should quote you a price for the job. Make sure you get all the quotes in writing. Some companies will increase their prices if you ask for a quote verbally.

Once the contractor paints the exterior cladding panels, they will leave a couple of weeks to set up a maintenance crew to come by and look at the panels. If you are putting on the paint yourself, this is the perfect time to go over the painting with a fine-tooth comb. Make sure there are no missed spots or areas that need to be sanded. If any part of the paint needs to be redone, it should be done right away. If you let a paint day go by, you may not be able to reapply the paint when you next paint your house.

When the paint company puts the exterior panels back onto the house, they will move the boards back into place. Make sure you are given an inspection certificate by the company before they move the boards back into place. You don’t want to discover after the move that there was something missed on the inspection certificate.

Things to keep in mind when availing of external claddings

The paint company will recommend exterior cladding paint supplies to you for the job. If you have already installed exterior cladding, you can use paint supplies from the manufacturer to paint the cladding. Most contractors recommend aluminum oxide paint because it is straightforward to clean up, and it resists damage. You can also buy exterior cladding materials in rolls or sheets. A piece of scrap wood will work well as a spacer if you want to keep the metal surface painted.

No matter what type of exterior coating you choose to install, you need to make sure that it has been properly prepared prior to painting it. The paint on the panels should be completely dry before you apply the paint. Some manufacturers recommend using a primer before painting. Whether you choose aluminum oxide, aluminum powder, or paint supplies from a reputable company, preparation of the surfaces should be done properly and thoroughly to ensure that the project looks great from the curb and in the eyes of your neighbors.


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