Do Natural Deodorants Actually Work?

Natural deodorants are made from natural ingredients, mostly plant-based ingredients, which are safe and effective. They work by discouraging bacteria from staying in your body and neutralizing odors, unlike antiperspirants which contain aluminum that blocks sweat pores to reduce sweating. If you are considering switching to natural deo, here are a few points to note before making an informed decision.

Are natural deodorants good for your health?

Generally, natural products are suitable for your health compared to manufactured products. When it comes to natural deodorants, the effect is still the same. Plant-based products such as Aloe Vera have a soothing impact on the skin. Natural deodorants can give your skin a break while at the same time neutralizing the unwanted odor.

It helps deal with the deodorant rash

You have probably been a victim of the stubborn deodorant rash, especially if you have sensitive skin, contact allergies (to dyes, preservatives, and fragrances), or eczema. The underarm rash can be attributed to active ingredients in antiperspirants. Switching to a natural deodorant reduces skin rash because you will not experience harsh elements. It is common to experience skin rash at the initial stages of shifting from artificial to natural deodorant. More often than not, it is usually moisture rash since your skin is now getting accustomed to sweating. Be sure to consult a dermatologist in case it persists.

Check out ingredients of the natural deodorant

You can buy natural deodorants in stores that sell natural products or in online shops. Make sure it contains the following three essential elements of a natural deodorant;

  •       An ingredient to deal with bacteria like tree tea oil or coconut oil.
  •       Essential oil for fragrance such as sandalwood, citrus, or lavender.
  •       An absorbent ingredient to counter sweat such as arrowroot, baking soda, or cornstarch.

Also, look out for ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and witch hazel, that help to shrink pores and soothe razor cuts.

Red flags to watch out for in natural deodorants

Some ‘natural deodorants’ contain virtually useless filler ingredients. Filler ingredients like alcohol, glycerine, and water require preservatives and introduce bacteria into the formula. They are also not effective in fighting body odor. Some even have synthetic fibers that disrupt hormones.

More natural deodorant tips

  •       Finding the right natural deodorant will take your time. Don’t sweat it, be ready for some trial and error before finding ‘the one.’
  •       You can also make your natural deodorant using baking soda, coconut oil, starch such as arrowroot, and essential oil of your choice.
  •       Diet influences body smell too. Since using natural deodorant is already a healthy choice, consider making healthy diet choices. Cut down on foods like red meat, onions, and garlic since they are notorious culprits for body odor. It would help to reduce body odor if you also drank plenty of water.
  •       To deal with transition side-effects, use charcoal soap or an underarm mask containing vinegar and bentonite clay to wash your underarms.

Ultimately, you deserve a deodorant that you can trust. One that is kind to your skin and lets you lift those arms and go about your day without worrying about body odor. 

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