Does Lifting Weights Make You Lose Weight?

Just how much should one lift to help them in burning the excess calories? Many people who want to shed extra weight find themselves stuck with this tricky question.

It can get a bit more tricky if you aren’t sure whether to do cardio or lift the heavy weights.

If you have thought about losing weight, then probably you’ve thought about how much weight you need to lift. Many of us tend to lift the lighter weights, and ultimately end up not achieving the desired results.

There are different types of workout to help you lose weight

Most of the time when you feel like you’re not seeing the results you desire, it’s probably because you’re not just lifting enough.

Again, enough in this scenario is relative. You’ll need to check with your gym instructor to find the most appropriate weight to help you with weight loss.

Alternatively, find out more about the two types of workouts that accelerate weight loss. The only challenge is that you may  know which workout is more effective than the other.

Again, check with your instructor and be sure from the beginning.

This article tells all you need to know about lifting heavy weights and losing extra weight in the body Geeks Health reported .

Weight Loss

When you decide to hit the gym, it’s important that you know what you want and which areas in your body need improvement. By focusing on one place at a time, you shall not only be saving your time, but also increasing the effectiveness of the whole workout process.

Muscles play a vital role in raising metabolism which helps in altering the body composition and burning more fat.

According to research, a pound of muscle can burn between 10 and 30 calories in a day. The same amount of fat can only burn between 5 and 10 calories in a day.

What does that mean, therefore?

That the more muscles you have, the higher the amount of calories you burn in a day.


All of this can only be effective if you’re using enough weight to stimulate muscle growth.

Put differently:

If the weights you’re currently lifting don’t give you so many challenges, then probably you’re not just doing enough to help with weight loss.

If you are currently lifting tye weights you’ve chosen more than 16 to 20 times, you might not experience the desired results. You will need to increase the weights to help you with a fast yet substantial amount of fat loss.

The ore you weigh, the more calories you burn.

You see,

The number of calories you burn during any given exercise entirely depends on your body size and how vigorously you carry out your workout sessions.

While weight training burns a relatively pretty good amount of calories, a cardio workout burns more calories for the same duration of training.

So yes, lifting weights can effectively help with weight loss.


Not all weights will help you with weight loss. It takes intense training and relatively heavier weights to burn that excess fat. Whether you’re using the barbell jack to seamlessly lift weights or just a run on the popular treadmill, it takes extra effort to lose excess weight.


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