Does women’s deodorant work better?


Does body wash and soap scent wear off pretty soon after showers? And is taken over by the sweat soaked, body odour compilation? Ladies do not bear up with this situation. Immediately look for women’s deodorants and pick from the floral range of the same. These not only mask off the body odour flying around you like a bad omen, but make you feel stressed be it physically or mentally all day long. These magical odour whisperers come in a plethora of colours and textures, each effective in targeting the germ buildup in the sweat and oil secretions of the body.

There are aluminium compounds in women’s deodorants to stop excess sweating. That leaves you with dry and super cozy feels all through the working days. Here is a pocket guide to know the exact ways the deodorants for women actually work up their enchantment. If this is coupled with the skin lightening effects of deo ingredients, then you can wear those sleeveless tops you cornered out in the fear of criticism. Dark underarms with odour build can be the nightmare of any person.

What Makes the Deo Work Better?

  • The partnership of odour masking fragrances with the antimicrobial property of deodorants forms the main purpose of using deodorants in the underarm region, foot and tummy. Ingredients like triclosan, metal compounds, and phthalates are effective in such tasks.
  • Antiperspirants such as Aluminium based compounds, mostly metal salts for blocking the pores from delivering the sweat out of the derm. This works well for the ones who want to control the amount of sweat that comes from certain parts such as the underarm region.
  • Alcohol based deodorants (stearyl alcohol) work way too much faster than the water based ones. It renders the applied region from attracting the germ buildup. Since it inhibits the bacterial growth responsible for the odour buildup, there you are left feeling light as air and fresh as a brand new version of yourself.
  • Alcohol and paraben compounds could be problematic for the delicate skin traits. Yet their competence with body odour cannot rate itself against the tingling sensation, in some cases excruciating pain and rashes as well. Hence comes the search for herbal deos for safer and natural ways to deal with the body odour. These include the ones with coconut, cucumber, aloe vera, eucalyptus extracts, yet a small amount of alcohol in combination remains for the sake of the product constitution. These alternatives for metal compounds, alcohol free deodorants are popular amongst the conscious users of deo.

Exotic ingredients, oil and rare floral scents makeup the whole mood of the user and add sentimental value to the deo. Floral scents, fragnating citric essences range from the sweet to pungent lifts the deadening effect of the body odour. The latter is missing from the scene altogether. The skin lightening agents are your best bet if the deo applied region seems to be darkening. Switch immediately to the above suggested safer alternatives as all women’s deodorants are effective in their game.

The deodorants encompass the different categories of action oriented ingredients and it becomes confusing while choosing between the spiced up exclusiveness of each product. Do not get into the flow and think of your skin type and its needs. Note your sweating patterns and hotspots of odour buildup for definite regions predetermined for deo applications. The overtly sweaty regions can make use of the antiperspirant deodorants. The sensitive skin types can cater to the use of water based ones. The normal skin types can move towards the alcohol based deos.

They are available in stick, cream, spray formats to consider applying while taking into account the type of dress you will try after that. The dark coloured dress displays whitish deposits upon the use of stick, cream deos. In that case you will have to stick to the mist or sprayable deo.  Their consistency differs yet focuses on concealing the body odour as a whole. All function satisfactorily but the customer satisfaction varies from one to another. The alcohol based and metal salts of course outdo the water based deodorants. But fall short in case of the sensitive skin types. The water based deo on the other hand is suitable and safe for almost all kinds of skin types yet not that appealing to the excessively sweaty skin types.

The ingredients in women’s deo are not that concentrated as compared to the men’s deo. The derm thickness, sweat patterns and odour variation between them is the main reason cited for this. Yet, deo for women are as effective as any other type, as in their range too there are both the attackers and diplomats to deal with the body odour.


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