Dubai -Your Ultimate Summer Destination

Dubai remains the center spot for our vacation trips. For all the right reasons, Dubai possesses all the attractions that one would want. An escapade from the scorching heat of summers, the tourists can visit the cultural highlights, exploring the city, desert adventures, and numerous summer fun activities in Dubai.

So if you are planning your visit to Dubai for the upcoming vacation, here’s what your destination holds:

Central location

Dubai is located at a prime location, from where you can access the East and the West with convenience. Air routes can easily connect you here in just a few hours. Tickets are also affordable, thus making your summer plans a reality.


Dubai is an international tourist spot for businessmen and families altogether. Once you land here, you don’t need to worry about the accommodations. Let the Emiratis take care of your accommodational needs.

From booking and managing travel itineraries to planning trips to all picturesque places, the travel agencies can do it. Based on your preference you can choose a luxury coastal hotel or an apartment amidst the bustling city.

You can also go for the AirBnB options and choose them according to your need. Simply specify your requirement and apply the filter. The best possible matches will show up and you can easily book them.

The top-tier hotels contain some of the most luxurious amenities. These include swimming pools, shopping arenas, Shamaam sessions, sky-taxis, cinemas, tennis courts, fitness centers, waterways, and much more. It is fully equipped to make every minute of your summer vacation spent here worthwhile.

These accommodations are located in close proximity to a strip of shops, beach resorts, and restaurants. Thus, making it easier for you to travel to your destinations.

Convenient Commute System

Being a major business and vacation hub, Dubai hosts a large number of people every year. For this they have strengthened their commute system, making it easier for people to travel and escape the rush hours.

Taxis are metered rides and highly economical, making it a lot easier for you and your family to travel alone. It is quiet and does not need to stop at every signal, like busses and trains, thus saving a lot of time. Other options include Metro and the Hop On/Off busses. They follow a specific route and have to cross certain stops on the way to the destination. These are also affordable but time-taking if you are in a hurry.


There is no fixed expense for the vacations. It solely depends on what activities you plan on doing in Dubai. Based on that, the price will go up. Accommodation, food, and travel are the fixed costs of the trip. However, adding on the shopping spree, tickets to the theme parts, adventure safari greatly increase the cost. Therefore, it is wise to properly pre-plan your trip, so that it all stays within the budget.

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Festivities and Oc casions

We are well-familiar with the all-famous Dubai Expos, concerts, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, etc. held every year. All the festivals and occasions are celebrated with full zeal and zest. Yet there is more to it!

Dubai is also known for specially curated events. That’s why you get to hear different families traveling here for their special occasions and celebrating them. Moreover, from destination weddings to honeymoons, to anniversaries and themed birthday parties, Dubai hosts them all with great pleasure.

Depending on the occasion, you can hire the service providers, who will handle all of the work for you. Likewise, with simple searches like Dubai birthday party deals or Dubai wedding venues, you can come across some service providers who are fully equipped to handle it all for you.

You can choose their standard packages or customize them in your own manner to add value and thrill to your event. For example, one may choose to add a cultural event to their wedding with various traditions, while some would want to incorporate a trip to a theme park and children-specific games to the event. All in all, these event deals take care of everything from themed cake, splendid food, an avalanche of balloons, cards and personalized messages, goodie bags for guests, hosting guests, accommodation and travel needs to anything you need.

Needless to say, a vacation spent in Dubai is the ultimate vacation for you and your loved ones. Together with hosting a personalized event and the hospitality of the Emirati culture, you will witness an unforgettable experience.

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