Earn 2 Trade Prop Trading Firm Review – Funded Account Challenge

Earn2Trade Review 2022: Is the Gauntlet Worth It?

A safe and secure proprietary trading firm is Earn 2 Trade. Earn 2 Trade is not ideal, though—no proprietary trading firm is. While it is true that Earn2Trade does have a lot of benefits, there are many reasons why you may want to explore it elsewhere.

Global traders are supporting funded accounts as a new source of leverage. These platforms, also referred to as proprietary trading companies or “prop firms,” allow successful traders to trade with accounts up to $200K with a range of profit shares in their favor. The number of funded account challenges is increasing along with interest in prop firms. To determine which platform is ideal for you, we will evaluate each company using a set of metrics in these reviews.

What is Earn2Trade all about?

Through the bush of prop companies, Earn2Trade is one of the best prop trading firms making a distinctive route. Their funded account challenge is positioned more as an instructional institute than as a competition to recognize the most consistently successful traders. Participants in the mentoring program will receive training in efficient trading. The Earn2Trade-funded account dubbed the “Trader Career Path” is praised for being tiered to suit many traders’ various skills and educational backgrounds.

Funding for Prop Firm Traders

You can open a trading account with Earn2Trade without heavily relying on a broker. The program offers traders access to funds in exchange for a percentage of the profits they make from it.

For funding compatibility, you have a variety of account types to pick from. The starting range for the virtual trading capital is $25,000 to $150,000. Please feel free to read over our reviews of ALL of the top Forex and Futures Prop Firms Here Opens in a new tab. To see how this offering stacks up against the competition.

Earn2trade Challenge Overview

An initial test gauges applicants’ trading skills and establishes the groundwork for risk management. Traders that pass the test will be hired by the prop trading company and given funded accounts to develop the following requirements and trading goals. The scaling career path strives to create traders from novices to specialists, and funded accounts increase in line with that development.

Gauntlet Mini 15-day trading challenge for new traders

Appropriate for beginners

Different account sizes

The Gauntlet Mini test, targeted at everyday traders, is open to new traders. The challenge lasts for 15 days, following which the winners receive funding to start trading on live markets. Given that the exam contains a crash lesson for new traders, the Gauntlet Mini is appropriate even for new traders.

The Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini, like many funded account challenges, enables traders to evaluate their past performance using sophisticated journaling and trading analytics.

There are options for adjusting the competition to fit individual preferences. Traders must select their account size while enrolling for the Gauntlet Mini, with possibilities ranging from $25,000 to $150,000.

Then, candidates need to demonstrate that they can be consistently profitable during a trading time of at least 15 days, regardless of their account size. Depending on the initial capital, each account’s terms will change. As the trading capital increases, so will requirements like the profit target, the EOD drawdown, the daily loss cap, and the monthly subscription.

For more experienced traders, the Gauntlet.

Modular: minimal regulations

Limits and strategies are available to traders.

Initial payment

The additional evaluation provided by Earn2Trade may be of greater interest to traders seeking greater flexibility. With the Gauntlet, traders have “maximum flexibility.” The Gauntlet has few regulations and tests applicants for 60 days, unlike the Gauntlet Mini, which enforces a severe management system over about two weeks. The main goal is to accomplish a 10% profit target and a 10% maximum drawdown by the conclusion of the 60-day timeframe. Contestants are free to trade in any way they like.

Candidates can use any preferred strategy and choose their stop losses, daily losses, and weekly limits. They must upload a Trading Plan onto the dashboard to explain their process.

The Gauntlet’s objective is to encourage diversity. Earn2Trade is the best prop trading firms which has few restrictions and requirements since it understands that not all traders will take the same route to success. Traders who want to participate in the Gauntlet must pay a $429 one-time admission fee and have 72 hours to set up their accounts. Before going into more detail about these aspects, later on, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the Earn2Trade Challenge right now.

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