Earn €1000 as a Professional Electric Scooter Commuter 

The morning commute is nothing fun and many of us find this to be a strain on finances and time resources.

But what if you could earn cash in your commute? There is an opportunity to earn as much as  €1000 as a “professional Commuter” doing nothing more than commuting to the job you have right now. 

This is the offer being made by an Irish company, that offers participants to earn as much as  €1000 just for travelling to and from work each day. Green Electric Scooters will offer a cool  €1000 to 5 applicants for travelling to their work each day. All that is required of these 5 lucky applicants is to keep a careful log of their travels as they Commute in Dublin. The application for this special deal can be found right here. 

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More Details On The Job

Each of the 5 applicants will be given  €50 daily to cover the costs of their roundtrip to and from work each day. The big idea behind this deal is to provide the company with insights on how the time travels on a standard electric scooter will compare to travelling by car or using conventional public transportation. Other details that will be included in the log are the effect of this conveyance method on work productivity attitude and motivations levels.

According to the details outlined in the agreement, the commuters will also participate in some experiments that have been designed to test various theories that have been conceptualized. These include the comparisons of pace between electric scooters and conventional public transportation in Dublin and the use of other forms of private transportation methods. Other details that will be compared include stress levels, productivity in the workplace, fatigue and the general sense of enjoyment. 

Individuals participating in the arrangement will be asked to hold a video call with overseers of the experiment prior to their commute. This will ensure that the participants know exactly what they are expected to do and provide the overseers with information about the experience the participants enjoy. At the end of the experiment, the commuters will receive their  €1000 for their help.

Cormac Reynolds, the spokesperson for Green Electric Scooters, hopes this experiment will allow them to increase the number of people commuting using this impressive form of transportation. Electric scooters have shown many advantages including being quicker and easier to use than most other forms of transportation. While the city of Dublin boasts a top-notch transportation service, there are some drawbacks in the current setup that can be addressed with the use of electric scooters. 

He went on to explain that the insights collected in this experiment will be beneficial in implementing a more efficient means of commuting. They will also provide insights in the travel experience and confirm various theories postulated about this means of travel and how to improve this innovative means of personal conveyance. He believes this incentive will encourage the participation of those who would like to apply for this study.


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