Easy Way to Convert JPG to PNG with Transparent Background

Why do you need to convert your JPG images into PNG format? In most cases, you attempt to get the transparent image background. In fact, you do not need a powerful photo editor program at all. This article will share with you four methods to jpg to png converter with transparent background on Windows and Mac. So that you can make logos and more without background and let the audience focus on the primary object in your images.

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Easiest Way to Convert JPG to PNG Transparent Online

To be honest, web-based image editor apps are portable but come with downsides, such as adding watermarks. Aiseesoft Free Background Remover Online is an exception. It is completely free of charge without any limit. You can convert JPG to PNG with transparent background with no sign-up, payment, or watermarks. All you need is a good network.

Besides image conversion, if you want to extract text from images, consider using it can be a great option. This online tool is specially designed to help you extract text from the images with simple and easy operations.

Step 1:

Access in your web browser to open the webpage.

Step 2:

Click the Upload Portrait button, find the target JPG image, and upload it.

Step 3:

After JPG uploading, the web app will recognize the main object, and remove the background using AI technology. You can also refine the edge with the brush tool.

Step 4:

Click the Download button to finish converting JPG to PNG with transparent background.

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Part 2: Convert JPG to Transparent PNG on Desktop

If you do not have an internet connection, a photo editor program is necessary when making a JPG transparent. The good news is that both Windows and Mac have a built-in photo editor app respectively.

Way 1: How to Convert JPG to Transparent PNG on Windows 10

MS Paint 3D is the built-in photo editor on Windows 10 and above. It allows you to make JPG transparent without extra software. Unfortunately, this app is not available to old PCs. Here are the steps below:

Step 1:

Locate a JPG in a File Explorer, right-click on it, and open with Paint 3D.

Step 2:

Select the Brushes tool on the menu bar, and pick Magic select. Move the selection box to cover the main object. Then the app will detect and select the object inside the box.

Step 3:

Click the Next button on the right side. Check Autofill background, click Add, and hit Done.

Step 4:

With the object selected, move it outside of the background. Then select the background with the Select tool, and click the Delete button to remove it. Next, select the object and move it onto the white canvas.

Step 5:

Go to the Canvas menu on the top ribbon, and toggle on Transparent Canvas on the right side. Now, you make the JPG transparent.

Step 6:

If you are satisfied with the result, go to the Menu on the top ribbon. Select Save as and then choose Image.

Step 7:

On the pop-up dialog, pull down the option under Save as type, and pick PNG or relative format. Make sure to check the box next to Transparency, and set other options. Finally, click on the Save button to convert JPG to PNG with transparent background.

Way 2: How to Convert JPG to Transparent PNG on Mac

When it comes to making a JPG transparent on Mac, the built-in Preview app is available. Many people use Preview as a photo editor. It includes the alpha channel, so you can make a transparent image quickly.

Step 1:

Open a JPG in Preview app. If the app is the default image viewer, double-click the JPG to open it directly.

Step 2:

Click the Toolbox icon at the top of the window to display the image editing tools. On earlier versions, click the Pen icon at the top ribbon to reveal editing tools.

Step 3:

Click and expand the Selection tool on the toolbox and choose the Instant Alpha. Now, click and hold on to the area that you want to make transparent. Keep hold of your mouse and move it to draw on the background.

Tip: You can zoom in on the image to refine the selection.

Step 4:

Press the Delete or relative key on your keyboard as long as the entire background is covered with red color. Or select the Cut in the Edit menu to make JPG transparent background.

Step 5:

Since JPG does not support transparency, you will be asked to convert the image format now. Choose Convert to proceed when prompted.

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