Erectile Dysfunction and Ageing: Is it Normal?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) refers to problems in getting an erection and maintaining it long enough to engage in sexual intercourse. The effect of ED on a man’s confidence is often immediate and significant. It can even make one’s ED issues worse.

The onset of ED is fairly common among older men, and it may even seem like an unavoidable and inevitable part of ageing. However, it does not have to be unmanageable or untreatable. Medication is an extremely effective solution to ED, and there are abundant cheap sildenafil and generic viagra UK options available these days.

Ageing In Men

To manage ED as an older man, you need to first educate yourself about your health and how it changes as you age. With ageing, the body decreases the production of the male sex hormone — testosterone. This hormone is responsible for a number of things in men, such as regulating sex drive (libido), bone muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells and sperm.

The level of testosterone is inversely proportional to the risk of ED. When testosterone levels decrease, the risk for ED increases. About 5% of men in their 40s struggle with ED, and as men get further older, the percentage grows another 10% by the time they are in their 70s.

Ageing also brings with it the risk of other health conditions. Lifestyle choices have a big part in determining how healthy one remains in later years. Health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are found to be common among older men. It’s a condition that greatly restricts blood flow and is one of the main culprits when it comes to the health causes of ED.  Men who are overweight or have diabetes can have nerve damage, which may also lead to problems with circulation and increase the risk of ED.

Breaking the Cycle

We know that men who suffer from ED also tend to experience mental health issues. Previous research has established a strong correlation between depression and ED. A man’s inability to stay erect also leads to self-esteem issues.

As mental health deteriorates, it compounds the ED for men. The ED causes mental health issues, and those issues, in turn, further worsen ED. This turns into a challenging cycle that can be hard to break for many older men, but it’s doable.

But, the good news is, it does not have to be this way. ED is becoming less stigmatised, and men are coming forward and talking about it. If you are experiencing ED, you needn’t hold back. You should talk to your partner and discuss the way forward. You should reach out to a qualified person and get your condition examined. A range of options will be provided to you, and these may include medication or therapy, or a blend of both. You will start to witness a difference in your sexual health soon.

Treatment and Medications

Treatment and Medications

Everyone should have regular appointments with their physician for a check-up, but it is all the more important if you are older. This helps keep tabs on where one stands with their health and what needs to be done to improve it.

Treating erectile dysfunction often starts with the treatment of the underlying causes. Doing so automatically carries over into better sexual health. However, in many cases, this is not enough, and ED has to be actively treated as a condition on its own. This, too, can be done in many ways.

You may start with lifestyle changes, like less smoking and drinking, coupled with more exercise and healthier food. You can also take up the option of medication if need be. Medications are a tried and tested solution and found to be very effective against ED.

Your doctor may prescribe you an ED medication, such as Viagra (Branded or Generic Sildenafil), Sildenafil (Generic Viagra), Tadalafil, Spedra, Generic Cialis, or Levitra. These medications help the body increase blood flow to the penis, helping to overcome any ED related inhibitions.

As ED becomes more of a widely discussed subject, it’s evident that it’s an abnormal phenomenon, especially not for older men. Regardless of age, ED can be overcome, and one can have a healthy sex life.

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