Eric Dalius Discusses the Top  Marketing tips that can boost small business growth

Small business owners want to play safe with their marketing adventures because they are keen to adopt only some proven marketing tactics. After all, they are short of time, money, and other resources. It is not worthwhile for small businesses to experiment with any form of marketing, even if it is a cutting-edge technique, unless it demonstrates its worth feels Eric Dalius, a highly successful marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience. But this does not mean that small businesses are averse to adopting new marketing technologies. Small business owners are changing the way they think about their customers, and to keep pace with the changing times and the rapidly evolving marketing landscape, they can make use of the tips discussed here.

Be sensitive to online reviews

Today, almost all buyers refer to online reviews about businesses, products, and services before deciding to make any purchase. Small business owners must be equally sensitive to online reviews that can make or break a business. According to Eric J Dalius, small business owners must rely less on the power of word of mouth and pay serious attention to online reviews. The stars earned from online reviews have a massive impact on the business outcome. For example, for each star that a business earns, the revenue goes up by 5-9%. On the other hand, 72% of consumers have enhanced trust in a business that earns rave reviews, and almost 31% of customers are ready to buy from businesses that earn the most stars.

Be ready to outsource marketing

The lack of time is the biggest problem of small business owners, and limited resources only compound the problems. It becomes difficult for them to plan for marketing all on their own and many business owners stay away from it, thereby causing more harm to the business. Therefore, outsourcing marketing, either in full or part is the best option for small companies to grow their business. Although most businesses outsource some aspects of marketing like a website, only 14% of businesses outsource some of the critical marketing elements like advertising, public relations, and overall marketing. Studies show that business owners who do their marketing by themselves are least satisfied with the results.

Pay more attention to websites

Websites can do much more than merely displaying your business because it is the starting point of your marketing activities. Unfortunately, most small businesses fail to make the best use of websites and instead rely more on social media. Almost 29% of small businesses yet do not have any website, which is analarming sign because not taking to digital marketing can spell doom for the business. EJ Daliuspoints out that websites are still the most effective marketing channel and the starting point of any digital marketing campaign, notwithstanding the business presence on social media.

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All marketing efforts must be customer-centric because retaining customers and growing the customer base is the only way to take your business to new heights. Therefore, improving customer experience through effective marketing strategies should be the priority of small business owners.

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