Essential Features and Development Technologies for New-Age Mobile Apps

The rapid increase in tech advances has definitely increased the competition, both for technology and businesses. For businesses to prosper and their apps to stand apart, new technologies are significant for the development of new-age mobile apps. Technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and IoT are increasingly being used by Top Mobile App Development Companies

For deploying seamless mobile applications and building faster and practical lightweight applications, new frameworks are popular with new-age mobile apps. TechAhead is one of the standing names amidst novel B2B App Development Company. It works with new developmental frameworks for advanced features and delivering a better user experience. While some new technological frameworks have proven to be ideal for new-age app development, there are some features that an ideal app must have to fare well as a brand. 

Ideal Features customers look for in New-age Apps 

When talking about new age apps, we consider the ease of use for customers, in addition to the advance features an app may consist of. What would a typical customer appreciate? What are the features that will keep bringing them back for increased and continued interaction? Some features might be desirable, but here are some that are must-have across apps for most genres:

  • Simplified Apps

Customers expect to use simple apps. Good features can only be merits if the app isn’t complex and is easy to navigate. The UI/UX is what drags the user’s attention towards using the app. An easy-to-use app is likely to muster increased usage.

  • High Performance

The competition in any industry to improve app usability is high, and so should the performance features. High-performance factors include security, faster loading speed, and other features. Web applications often lack some of these conveniences, and so users look forward to these in the featured app.

  • Prompt Notifications

Prompt pop-up notifications are a must, especially for business apps. Alerts for essential messages must be relayed so that the user can be notified and kept updated at all times. Engaging notifications also become a way to bring back users to the app as often as possible.

Novel App Development Technologies 

Once you know what your app is going to do, the next step is to figure out the technological framework that you’re going to rely on. While there are several technical approaches to develop the app that you want, here are some that can suit your specific use case:

  • React Native App Development

React Native App Development has gained popularity in recent times. React Native is an open-source and cross-platform framework. It holds enormous advantages and the flexibility of the JavaScript library. With easy scalability, integrations, and code reusability, there’s a lot you can do with React Native behind your apps. 

  • Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development is another favourite of app development companies. Being a Google-based open-source native app development framework, it truly improves the ROI with a multitude of features. A singular codebase and reduced bugs can be easily accessed through Flutter. You can design a customized user interface and implement many more features for a flawless app.  

  • Xamarin App Development

Xamarin App Development is also growing popular for those looking for robust mobile apps for their brand. Xamarin is a Microsoft-developed framework that is used for building apps compatible across different platforms. It is an open-source framework that helps build powerful apps. Developers have the complete flexibility to build modern android and ios developers apps. With exceptional interfaces and clarity, Xamarin can be your solution for great apps.

  • iOS App Development

iOS app development can be counted upon depending on your user demographic and other details. For businesses with a major number of iOS-based clients, it is crucial to have a robust iOS version of their app that is cost-effective. It grants rich design, high security, and customized experience to users who swear by the platform.

TechAhead’s take on Mobile App Development for Enterprises

Different technologies can frameworks can be beneficial for different apps. The use-case analysis and a rough estimation of expected features become important to gauge what will work for you best. TechAhead and its experienced team specialize in understanding the potential of an app idea. We take all factors into account to build the best apps that suit the customer base perfectly. Have an app to build and don’t know where to start? Let us be your development partners for a great mobile app!


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