Essential Things to Look For In OBD II Scan Tool

The OBDII scan tool is an essential part of any engine diagnostics equipment manufacturer kit.  From Ford to Vauxhall diagnostics kit, this tool is a must-have. The main function of the tool is to detect the faults in the vehicle and help the workers to troubleshoot them. This advanced tool figures out the current issue through DTCs and explains the code meaning while giving the solution on how the fault can be fixed. These are some of the main benefits of the OBDII tool, but how to make sure that you buy the right equipment? This article has shortlisted 3 essential factors that you should consider before buying the tool. The factors include:


Before buying the latest diagnostic equipment like an OBDII scanner, first sort the types that meet your requirement. This tool comes in the following three types:

Basic Code Reader 

This helps in detecting the fault and displays the DTC code for the problem without providing what the code means and how to repair it. The workers will have to look for the code meaning either from some manual or from internet sources. Simply, it can only help to do some basic repairs. They are affordable and will help to diagnose some small and basic faults that can arise on any vehicle on daily basis.

DIY Scanners

These scanners have more functions than the basic reader. They help in detecting the DTC code and also tells what they mean. Also, you can attach them with smartphones to easily access the data. But these are more effective for people interested in self-repairs. They are not recommended for commercial-level workshops. 

Professional Scanners

Now, these tools are ahead in technological advancement in comparison to the other two types. These are found in auto manufacturing companies or large workshops. You can take the example of scanners included in the VW dealer diagnostic tool kit for professional scanners. These tablet-size scanners can easily give the diagnosis in a single scan. Commonly, they are used to detect the faults in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks.


There are numerous brands of OBDII scanners available in the market. You can check out the wide range of models offered at Maverick Diagnostics. Do not buy the first tool you see. Make sure to compare several brands before finalizing one. Compare the basic features and drawbacks of each OBDII scanner to make the right decision. Also, it is important to look for the user-friendly aspect of each tool. 


OBDII scanners are not complicated to use. Only a few instructions are needed to be followed and it will be ready to function. Also, there is no need for any mechanical knowledge to use it. Once you are done with fixing the fault, the scanner should allow you to easily check the performance using the drive cycle. The drive cycle checks all the systems again to see if there are any more faults left.

There are many OBDII scanner options available in the market like the one included in Vauxhall diagnostic tool kit. Therefore, before adding any equipment to your workshop, consider these factors.

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