Essential Things to Remember When Renovating an Old House 

Real estate properties tend to appreciate when they’re well-kept and are in a desirable neighbourhood. However, it can be tricky to ensure that these properties will get the best prices when you put them on the market. Realtors and potential buyers tend to go over every detail with a fine-toothed comb. As a homeowner of an old house, you must be ready to shell out some money to ensure that the property will fetch a good price.

Among the best things you can do is renovate the old house to refresh its appearance and structural stability. First, you must work with a licensed and experienced contractor to ensure that everything is properly retrofitted or repaired to follow current building codes. You must also work with a reputable skip-hire company to transport and process any waste during the procedure. If you’re looking for such companies, you can check out aasvogel.co.uk for their deals and how they can assist you in getting your renovation done properly.

Here are some things to remember when renovating an old house.

Check out the toxicity of materials

It’s no secret that most old houses have been built with materials containing harmful substances. Recent advances in construction have reduced such materials, but it’s still important for you to have the contractor check if the house does contain asbestos and other such chemicals. It would be best to eliminate them quickly to ensure safety.

Assess moisture levels 

Again, most old houses generally have moisture problems because of their age. Ask the contractor to determine whether leaks or water damage around the house need immediate attention so you can quickly remedy the situation. Ensure that there aren’t any problems with moisture because mould and mildew can easily spread, cause structural damage, and affect the inhabitants’ health.

Figure out if the house meets current building codes

As you’re working with an older structure, there’s a huge chance that most of it wouldn’t adhere to current building codes. So, it’ll be up to your contractor to figure out how they can replace such parts of the house, which must follow the existing guidelines. It can prove a costly endeavour, but it will be worth it in the end because the property valuation would also increase.

Stabilise the foundations

Another thing your contractor must look into is the structural foundations. If you want your house to be as safe as possible, ask them to stabilise the property footings and retrofit them as needed. The older the house, the more problems about and around the foundation you’re bound to encounter. Drainage problems, tree roots encroaching on the space, improper construction and faulty materials are among the things you must look into to ensure your structure wouldn’t topple over.


When renovating an old house, you have to be wary about several things to ensure it meets current standards. You have to go over things with your contractor to keep the house as safe and structurally sound as possible.


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