Essential Tips for Caring and Maintaining Your Window Blinds

Like other window treatments, the window blinds also collect dust and debris quickly. Routine cleaning will maintain the beauty of your window blinds. But it is not an easy task, especially if the window blinds are installed at hard-to-reach places. So, if you have window blinds in Pacific Palisades, we share some tips for caring for and maintaining your blinds.


  • Dusting– You can use a feather duster or swifter to remove a thin layer of dust accumulating on the blind surface. Ensure you remove it weekly. All you have to do is open horizontal slats and run the duster between even blind to remove dust from its surface.
  • Use Vinegar solution– There is a dirt buildup on your blinds. Make a vinegar solution with half vinegar and half water to remove this buildup. Ensure you cover your hands with gloves before you spray the vinegar solution on your open blinds. After spraying the solution, and let it sit for a few minutes, and then pick the duster to clean the blinds to remove debris from both sides.
  • Vacuuming– It is another important way to clean your blind and keep it maintained. If your hard-to-reach blind accumulate a layer of dust on it, use your vacuum hose attachment and extension for vacuuming. It is important to remove the debris in the first stage so the blinds do not accumulate enough debris and you don’t require more effort in the next cleaning stage.
  • Wiping– At times, the stubborn marks of dirt do not get removed with the above techniques. In that case, take soapy water and sponge, and wipe on the blinds. After one side is done, turn the blinds and wipe the other side. The stubborn marks will get eliminated this way for sure.


Final thoughts

These are some important tips for caring for and maintain the blinds, but make sure you don’t use scrub because the abrasive substance can damage the blind’s outer layer. If your entire home has blinds and is too dirty, you can consider professional cleaning. This way, you can avoid the hassle of removing the stubborn layer of dirt and approaching the hard-to-reach blinds situated in your home.

For wood shutters, check the shutters carefully for the mold and mildew growth, which affect the shutters’ shine. You can use bleach material like tri-sodium phosphate and water to remove the mold and mildew. Finally, make sure you rinse the panels with water. Since shutters are available in various materials, it is suggested to use recommended cleaner for effective cleaning and maintenance to ensure the exterior shutters always look shiny.

Hence, if you are looking forward to updating your custom blinds and window treatments in Pacific Palisades, speak to your window treatment experts, who will share your caring and maintenance tips as well.



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