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When you hear Arnis, what comes to mind? Anything? How about Striking Techniques in Arnis? The second phrase can give you a clue of what Arnis entails. For many people, when it comes to martial arts, the first image that comes to mind is the Chinese kung fu movies. For most of us, when it comes to martial arts, we have heard of karate, taekwondo, judo, jujutsu, and kickboxing. The truth is that most of us do not know about Arnis, let alone the Striking Techniques in Arnis. If you have no idea of Arnis and what Striking Techniques in Arnis entails, then make sure to stick around as we shall look at the different aspects of the martial arts.

What is Arnis?

Arnis is an ancient martial art commonly practiced in the Philipines. According to the Philipines, The Fillipino have great pride in the sport as it their national sport. Not only that it is recognized by the government as country’s national martial art. Striking Techniques in Arnis involves the use of bamboo canes.

It is believed that the Filipino martial art originates from Arab Missionaries and Indo- Malayan. It is believed that the makers of the sport traveled from the Indonesian Islands and India.

However, in the historical books, the use of Striking Techniques in Arnis was mentioned in the Battle of Mactan chronicles documented in 1521. Antonio Pigafetta wrote the Battle of Mactan. The book Pigafetta described how the native used Striking Techniques in Arnis to kill Ferdinand Magellan.

Striking Techniques in Arnis” comes with multi-racial impacts. During the Spanish Colonial Period, it was formalized and became an excellent device for self-protection and the insurgencies against the colonizers.

The Filipinos share a longstanding history of utilizing these weapons with lovely yet destructive movement with their neighbors in Southeast Asia. In the wake of ascending to unmistakable quality given the Asian Hollywood movies of Bruce Lee, Arnis’ craft has been generally welcomed worldwide in mainstream society and global games rivalries.

Modern Arnis and Striking Techniques in Arnis

According to Filipino Martial Arts, Arnis is part of the Filipino Martial arts umbrella. The umbrella consists of three weapon-based martial arts. The other two in the umbrella include the Kali and the Eskrima. The fighting or Striking Techniques in Arnis involve, weapon disarming, and grappling. In Arnis, knives, spears, blades, single-edge sword kampilan, and bolo are allowed to be used in the sport.

In Arnis, individuals who are involved in the sport are referred to as arnisadores. There are different Striking Techniques in Arnis. For starters, there is sinawali. Sinawali is a Striking Techniques in Arnis that incorporates the use of weaving movement used in creating the nipa huts walls.

The second standard Striking Techniques in Arnis is the Redonda. The Redonda name is of Spanish origin, which means round. The Striking Techniques in Arnisis good defense and offense technique. The technique is a twirling technique that can protect the amisadores and also act as an offensive move. The Striking Techniques in Arnis involve whipping in a circular motion where the weapon returns to the original place.

The third Striking Techniques in Arnis” is the Puño. The word Puno is of Spanish origins, which means hit. Puno, unlike the other Striking Techniques in Arnis. The technique revolves around targeting the soft spots and nerve endings of the opponent. If used well, the Puno can break the bones of opponents.

The good news is that Arnis is an accepted sport in the Southeast Asian Games. In 2019, during the Southeast Asian Games, the Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation’s arnisadores could come out of the competition with 14 gold awards, the highest among other countries. The arnisadores brought great pride to the Filipinos as they represented the country in the most significant international event and emerged victoriously.


After reading the different Striking Techniques in Arnis, do you have a proper understanding of the martial arts? Even though it was first documented in 1521, it is still relevant for the Filipino. For the Filipino, the Striking Techniques in Arnis is more than a sport. It helped them fight against their colonizers.

Recently, the Striking Techniques in Arnis seem to be getting popularity with some martial movies and incorporating different fighting techniques. Some martial art schools in the west have also started teaching the different Striking Techniques in Arnis. Do you wish to learn about the different Striking Techniques in Arnis or become a master amisadores, then visit your local martial arts school.

If you have any questions about the different Striking Techniques in Arnis, then make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below. Our Arnis experts are always willing to help our readers understand and appreciate the beautiful Arnis.

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