Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Drug Test Kits

Can you believe the world we are living in? Currently, numerous businesses presently require obligatory medication testing as a component of the employing interaction. After the opioid crisis in the USA, many companies decided to conduct mandatory drug tests on their employees. You may think only companies are the only ones meant to give mandatory drug tests but institutions such as jails and rehabilitation centers can request drug tests on the off chance that they have a sensible reason for concern.

In case you are working at one of these companies where one has to undergo a mandatory test it does not hurt to buy yourself a drug test kit for your testing. If you are used to getting high then it will serve you well to get yourself a drug test kit or instant drug test.  Trust us it will do you great good if you buy a drug test kit and it can even help you avoid getting fired.

When talking about drug test kits, you need to understand that some medicine test kits are only intended to test one particular drug while other drug test kits can test multiple drugs in the sample. In this article, we have a rundown of the best drug test kits you can buy. However, before we dive into the top drug test kits let us look at the top factors to consider before buying any instant drug test kit.

What you need to know before purchasing a medication test

  • Methods to utilize to obtain the testing sample

When talking about buying an instant drug test or drug test kit, you need to understand the working of the drug test kit. Moreover how they collect their sample. For some drug test kits, the sample may be obtained through saliva. Some in the form of urine and other drug tests do require hair follicles. All these sample collection forms will greatly depend on the particular drug being tested. As some drugs can be observed on the follicle and not through the saliva.

  • Number of drugs the drug kit can test

The truth about drug kits is that some can test only one type of drug while others can test multiple drugs. These drug tests come with panels and in some cases, the panels can go up to 10 panels meaning the drug test kit can test up to ten different types of illegal drugs. From the THC to cocaine to methamphetamines. These drug testing kits are calibrated to meet the standards needed for proper testing.

  • The Accuracy of the Drug testing kit

Every drug test kit comes with its level of accuracy. Some are highly accurate while others are not. It is important to seek the highest accuracy when it comes to buying the best drug test kit. Why?

It all comes to some drug testing kit giving false negative or false positive. Imagine buying a drug test kit so that you can prepare yourself for your business mandatory drug test. In your test, you find that you are negative even though you know had previously smoked a joint with the boys. You go to work and confident that you are in the clear only to be called later to the H.R and being told that you have tested positive for THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). You are told to pack your things and evacuate the company premises. Does this not sound scary? Where should you start after losing your job? Avoid this experience by buying a drug test kit that has high accuracy. You can investigate the reviews and what people are saying about the drug test kit accuracy. One of the most accurate drug tests is the hair follicle test.

  • Price

We are living in tough economic times. Every penny that you do earn should be spent wisely. When it comes to buying the best drug test kits or instant drug tests, you should pay close attention to the price tag. Some of these drug test kits can range from $10 to $30 while on the high end some of the kits can go up to $50. Pick a drug test kit that meets your pocket. There is no need of breaking your bank account because of a drug test kit.


In the world of drug testing, there are several kits out there. If you have never bought any testing kit then you can consider getting the instant test kits provided by CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or Walmart. These kits provide great instant results and the ability to send in for result confirmation. The most trusted brands are Drug Confirm, Equate and Rite Aid’s brand.

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