Explore SEO Tips for Converting Your Site’s Visitors to Buyers

The initial stages of developing an online business seem to be exciting and, to a certain extent, terrifying too. You tend to feel excited when you witness how your business is growing. On best local SEO one hand, you are exhilarated to see new visitors to your site, social media attention, and engagement. On the other hand, you feel quite terrified since it is pretty challenging to leverage your website effectively so that casual visitors to your website lead are converted to actual buyers.

You must realize that SEO focuses on driving more traffic to your website. However, attracting traffic is just not enough for paying your bills. Your business’s success depends primarily on converting casual site visitors into buyers or loyal customers. Keep in mind that searchers casually visit your webpage with absolutely no navigational context. There are searchers who are looking for your specific brand and are having a precise goal in mind. You should try your best to assist them in achieving that objective or goal. It is important to boost your chances of creating a positive first impression and may often lead to sales.

Other searchers do not seem to have any idea about your business. They do not know about any of the products you are having on your inventory list, or what feature makes your website different from the rest, or what specific promotions you seem to be running currently. Here are some SEO tips from digital marketing agency Auckland for converting casual searchers into actual purchasers.

Avoid Depending on Brand Recognition

A majority of the searchers online select your listing simply because they thought while glancing through that you could fulfill their requirements. However, this was not due to the fact that they were familiar with your brand or they recognized your organization. Hence, websites that are organized in terms of brands instead of product type or product feature will be struggling to get a ranking in organic search. It is quite difficult for brand-based websites to achieve a ranking in response to all the non-branded online queries by most Internet users are looking for.

Promotions Should Be Highlighted on All Your Web Pages

Promotions need to be highlighted on all pages. Remember that prices are supposed to be a vital consideration while buying a product in the e-commerce landscape. Smaller brands focus on pricing to attract more new clients. Most clients come from organic search results, and they often oversee the promotions and discounts on the home page. You must remember to spotlight all those enticing promotions on all pages of your site. Some websites rely on rotating or static banners all along the top part of all the web pages. Some other pages use banners that slide up and down right from the page’s bottom. You should focus on testing these to identify the one that works well for your precise target audience and is compatible with your site’s design.

Give Them the Confidence

It is quite possible that a searcher you are thinking of converting has not visited your website ever before. He may not have ever known of your company’s existence. Less prominent brands require a higher number of proof points as compared to reputed and household brands. New and relatively unknown brands should assist searchers in feeling more confident and comfortable about buying your products from your site instead of buying from recognized companies. You should include instant indications of genuineness and trustworthiness.

You should focus on creating an impressive ‘About Us’ page for giving authenticity and credibility to your business. Your webpage should contain trusted logos and symbols such as Better Business Bureau, Google Star Ratings, Trustpilot, and other industry affiliations. If your company is relatively unknown or little known, it is a wise idea to strategically place your telephone number in a prominent position on your page so that shoppers know where to contact you for more information quickly. Moreover, you may consider including a chat feature to provide immediate customer support.

Incorporate Customer Reviews of Your Product 

Customer reviews are great for providing potential shoppers an independent, unbiased, and fair indicator of value. As far as, SEO is concerned, product reviews by customers serve as an effective means of having access to unique UGC or user-generated content. You may devote your time and energy to building social proof with the help of user-generated content. As per, there exists a predominantly herd mentality among shoppers. They always have a preference for things that others are purchasing particularly, in the case, popular opinions tend to signify that something is great and worthy of your effort and time. Testimonials and reviews are smart ways of leveraging social proof and motivating other site visitors to purchase your products.

Be Helpful While They Make Their Choice

Most online searchers may not be familiar with your brand. Hence, they may have a tough time making the right choice from your extensive inventory. Remember that the wrong choice could culminate in disappointed buyers and product returns. You should be more proactive in this department. Make it a point to offer appropriate size guides, product comparison charts, help icons, and some other relevant features that motivate shoppers to choose the perfect product for the very first time.

Provide an Amazing Landing Page

As per, a landing page coupled with an effective ‘converting funnel’ seems to be your profitable online business’s backbone. You may leverage the power of your landing page for gathering leads. Consider utilizing your funnel process for transforming casual site visitors into loyal customers. You may focus on offering an awesome giveaway. Most landing pages offer something free as an exchange for your email ID. Hence, you must concentrate on figuring out precisely what you will offer to the visitors to your website.

You may identify the item to be given away as a free gift depending on the kind of audience you are catering to. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to do ample research in advance so that you know pretty well precisely what is it that your target audience actually values and appreciates. Suppose you are in the SAAS business, you could consider providing a comprehensive product demo or free customer trials of your specific software. On the contrary, if your business is not a SAAS-based organization, you may consider offering a free PDF teaching your site’s visitors ways of solving a particular issue.


We know that it is a fantastic experience to witness how the traffic to your site is going up day by day. You are happy that all your hard work and dedication are ultimately paying off. However, you should keep in mind that site visits are merely vanity metrics and are not necessarily indicators of success. Your responsibility is to constantly convert more and more site visitors into loyal customers. You may implement the above-discussed tips for converting casual visitors into buyers.


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