Exploring the iconic accessory trends of the swinging sixties

The 1960s were a decade of profound cultural shifts, marked by social revolutions and the rise of youth culture. This transformative era not only influenced music, fashion, and politics but also left an indelible mark on accessory trends. From mod-inspired styles to psychedelic influences, the accessories of the 1960s reflected the vibrant energy and experimentation of the time. Let’s take a nostalgic journey through the iconic accessory trends that defined this swinging decade.

Go-go boots: 

No discussion of 1960s fashion would be complete without mentioning the iconic Go-Go boots. These knee-high, often white or brightly colored boots became synonymous with the mod subculture. With their bold and futuristic look, Go-Go boots were a staple accessory for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement on the dance floor or the city streets.

Chunky jewelry: 

The 1960s witnessed a departure from the delicate jewelry of previous decades, as bold and chunky pieces took center stage. From oversized hoop earrings to chunky plastic bangles, jewelry became a means of self-expression. Pop art and geometric shapes heavily influenced the design of these accessories, reflecting the era’s fascination with bold colors and graphic patterns.

Headscarves and bandanas: 

Inspired by the bohemian chic of artists and musicians, headscarves and bandanas became popular accessories in the 1960s. Whether tied around the head in a retro turban style or worn as a headband, these accessories added a touch of free-spirited charm to any ensemble. Floral prints and psychedelic patterns were particularly favored, reflecting the era’s countercultural ethos.

Statement sunglasses: 

Oversized sunglasses with bold frames became a must-have accessory in the 1960s, thanks in part to style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. From cat-eye to square-shaped frames, sunglasses became more than just eye protection – they were a fashion statement. Tinted lenses in shades of blue, pink, and yellow added to the playful vibe of these retro shades.

Mini handbags: 

As hemlines rose in the 1960s, so did the popularity of mini handbags. These compact purses were designed to complement the era’s mod-inspired shift dresses and A-line skirts; they look like the Secrid cardholder. Often adorned with metallic accents or geometric embellishments, mini handbags were both stylish and practical, perfect for carrying the essentials while dancing the night away at a swinging ’60s party.

Tie-dye everything: 

Tie-dye emerged as a symbol of the hippie movement in the late 1960s, and its influence extended beyond clothing to accessories. Tie-dye scarves, headbands, and even socks became must-have items for those embracing the countercultural spirit of peace and love. The vibrant colors and swirling patterns of tie-dye accessories captured the psychedelic aesthetic of the era like no other.

Hair accessories: 

The 1960s saw an explosion of creative hair accessories, from decorative hair combs to colorful scrunchies. The beehive hairstyle, popularized by stars like Brigitte Bardot and Dusty Springfield, often featured embellishments such as decorative pins or headbands adorned with flowers or bows. These accessories added flair to elaborate updos and playful ponytails alike.

Military influence: 

The military-inspired trend of the 1960s also made its mark on accessories. Army surplus bags, adorned with patches and badges, became a favorite among the fashion-forward crowd. Additionally, aviator sunglasses with metal frames and mirrored lenses became synonymous with the cool, rebellious attitude of the era.

The accessory trends of the 1960s continue to inspire fashion designers and enthusiasts today, serving as a reminder of an era defined by creativity, experimentation, and cultural revolution. Whether you’re channeling the mod style of London’s Carnaby Street or embracing the free-spirited vibe of the hippie movement, there’s a ’60s accessory to suit every taste and personality. So why not add a touch of retro flair to your wardrobe and let the spirit of the swinging sixties live on?

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