Feelgrounds Seaside Sandals Review 2024

Feelgrounds Seaside Sandals Review

Hey there, let’s talk about the Feelgrounds Seaside sandals! Are they stylish? You bet. Cool-looking? Absolutely. Incredibly comfy to walk in? Oh, yes. Suitable for wide feet? You got it. Vegan? Of course! These new Feelgrounds Seaside sandals check all those boxes and then some.

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Think of the Feelgrounds Seaside as the vegan barefoot version of Birkenstock sandals. Their design stands out among the wide array of barefoot sandals out there, and it won me over instantly. The toe strap gives your toes total freedom, there’s a convenient velcro closure, and the cork footbed offers real comfort.

Usually, I snap the first photos of shoes for my review when they’re fresh out of the box, but I couldn’t resist slipping into these right away. It was peak summer, the perfect time for sandals.

Material Make-up

  • The Seaside sandals sport a cotton upper with a cork and rubber sole, available in six different colors. The ones I’m reviewing here are in Dusty Pink.
  • The toe strap allows maximum toe freedom and optimal foot movement.
  • There’s a padded strap around the heel with a velcro closure. Plus, there’s a sneaky little elastic band inside for easier adjustment to different instep heights and foot volumes.

Sole Talk

  • The sole is 7 mm thick, made of rubber and cork. Over time, you might notice minor color changes on the cork due to moisture, but that’s normal.
  • The cork makes the sandals compact and not easy to roll up. It feels super comfy underfoot, striking a nice balance between firm and soft. You won’t feel every little pebble under your foot.

Check out my video for a close-up and to see how they look on my feet.

Sizing Situation

  • The Seaside sandals have a slightly different size chart than other Feelgrounds shoes. They’re a bit shorter in the same size.
  • Feelgrounds aimed for you to wear the same size in their sandals as their closed-toe shoes. While less space in front of the toes is recommended for sandals, these are about 3 mm shorter than their closed-toe counterparts.
  • For easier sizing, they provide a printable template for your left and right foot.

Toebox Shape & Width

  • These sandals are great for medium-wide and wide feet, fitting well with certain foot types but not ideal for others.
  • The shape suits my feet fine, and there’s enough width for my 10cm wide foot.

Comfort Check

Despite the toe strap, which some find less comfy, the Seaside sandals are a dream to walk in. They’re light, soft, and easy to slip on.

Styling Tips

These sandals are super versatile. They’re perfect for casual outings and pair well with various outfits. My go-to summer look? Jeans and a T-shirt.

Price & Where to Buy

You can only snag these sandals on the Feelgrounds website for 81€.

Shipping Details

Feelgrounds ships worldwide, with delivery costs depending on your location.

In Conclusion

The Feelgrounds Seaside sandals are versatile, comfy, and offer great toe movement. They may not suit all foot types perfectly, but with a few adjustments, they can work wonders.

Grab a good book, slip into these fantastic sandals, and start your journey to healthier, stronger feet!

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