Finding a Certified Enrolled Agent here in the US with Expert Help and Professional Assistance

First let us understand by simply scratching the surface, as to who is an Enrolled Agent. Thereafter, we would dive into this exclusive subject domain or topic, in-depth. An Enrolled Agent (EA) has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as the highest corporate accounting professional in hierarchy and credentials. All qualified enrolled agents must have to go through or clear a series of rigorous administered tests, as conducted by the IRS. It is only after clearing the stringent and rigorous tests; they become certified and qualified EAs. They also go through an extensive background check, as performed by the IRS department. In a layman’s term, an Enrolled Agent is a core tax law expert, as they possess in-depth knowledge about the prevailing tax laws, rules, regulations and codes. So, how to find one such fully certified and qualified tax professional in your city. It is a specialized agency like “Ageras” that can help find a federally certified EA near you through their professional job profile matching techniques. You simply need to contact them by filling an online application form, and the rest is handled by their professional team.

Who is an Enrolled Agent? – Job Description & Job Specification

It would not be wrong to call Enrolled Agents (EAs) as Subject Matter Experts in all areas of corporate, personal and business taxation. In fact, they are purely dedicated for performing tax related services, as they hold a federal license. One such professional is fully authorized to represent their client(s) before the IRS, in scenarios like external tax audits. What’s even more interesting to learn here is that they are fully recognized in all the fifty odd states in the US. This implies that they can work with any client, based in the United States, including Hawaii & Alaska, just FYI. One such professional is an expert in navigating through the tax codes, rules & regulations, which can be quite a complex assignment, if you think of doing it all by yourself. Therefore, it is always advised to take their assistance, in areas related to yearly tax preparation.

Well, to put it this way, certified ‘Enrolled Agents (EAs)’ are qualified tax professionals, who can effectively manage all aspects of taxation, including consultancy services for a company or an organization, as a whole. They can easily handle their client’s tax audits, tax planning and tax preparation. Any tax filing related subjects pertaining to real estate deals, property buying & selling, inheritance, payroll, gifts tax, etc. are all managed and professionally looked after by one such accounting professional who has been hired by a company to manage all its taxes, filing & returns. As they possess unlimited ‘practice rights’, they are able to prepare tax returns for large corporations, non-profit organizations, partnerships, joint ventures and limited liability companies. They also offer tax advice to clients, tax consultations, audit & bookkeeping. In short, an EA is a certified & qualified tax specialist approved by the IRS, as they clear and extensive three-part examination. They are authorized to represent any company or client, while an IRS tax audit is in-place.

How “Ageras” Helps in Finding an Enrolled Agent?

The process is quite simple, yet highly effective. As a service recipient, you simply need to fill out an online form provided on their website, mentioning all your job requirements and company profile, as their professionals find the perfect match for you, within a day of applying. So, if you were asking yourself, as to how to find an enrolled agent near me or in my city, the answer is with one such specialized business partner called “Ageras”. They offer your 3 ‘non-binding’ and ‘no-obligation’ quotes to compare, which is 100% FREE and promises the most relevant match, according to your company requirements. This is how you connect with a certified EA near you and get all your accounting and taxation woes sorted out in a professional manner.

Specific Services of an Enrolled Agent and Cost to Hire

Firstly, an Enrolled Agent offers full assistance in IRS tax investigations, which can sometimes turn out to be complex and critical. As they understand the ‘in & out’ of IRS tax audits, they are in a position to offer you complete guidance and consultancy, as to what questions might be asked and how to confidently answer them. But, if the IRS investigation reveals any criminal offense, you need to consult a tax attorney. Secondly, in case of a tax fraud, where you’ve underreported your company’s income, claimed false deductions and also claimed inappropriate credits, an IRS enrolled agency can provide you with full guidance. Lastly, if your yearly taxes are not filed or paid, there can be steep penalties for such a situation. In that case, an EA can significantly help reduce your penalties and obligations, by finding out legitimate ways that always comply with IRS regulations. Here in the US, the cost to hire an Enrolled Agent can be anything in between $200-$400 an hour, depending on how complex the tax situation is. The cost also depends on the geographical location. There are some enrolled agents that charge a flat fee or on a contractual basis. It is up to you to decide how you want to pay. Usually the charges depend on the complexity of the project or task, geographic location and time. All these factors contribute to impacting the fee of an enrolled agent in the US.

Who Needs an Enrolled Agent?

All business, corporate entities, organizations, companies, as well as individuals require the services of an EA. It is simply because an Enrolled Agent precisely determines as to what are the exact business/company expenses that are deductible from the taxes, after a company is formed. It is basically to reduce the burden and obligation of any company, big or small, towards income taxes. As EAs are familiar with federal tax laws, IRS tax regulations and state tax codes, they help taxpayers or clients achieve the most cost-effective option, without doing anything illegitimate or wrong. Almost all big companies with a multi-state presence require their services in filing tax returns, as enrolled agents are authorized to work across state lines and boundaries. So, if you’re a company or an individual looking forward to reduce your tax obligations and get the most professional assistance from a specialized taxation expert or ‘guru’, it has to be an Enrolled Agent that can help you understand the nitty gritties about corporate and personal taxation, and also how to effectively reduce the overwhelming burden of state and federal taxes. This is why their services are so sought after by all business entities, across the US.

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