Five Common Skincare Mistakes You are Making

We have only one skin that we can’t change like clothes. No matter how much money you spend, you can’t get back healthy and young skin back. If that was the case, no celebrity would ever look old. They spend millions and even with plastic surgery that can’t get the old look back. However, we have seen people who look very young without any surgeries or other procedures.

That’s because they took care of their skin from a young age. They learned all the things they should not do and followed that routine. Here I’ve shared those mistakes you need to avoid if you want healthy and young skin.

Going Out without Sunscreen

Sun doesn’t spare anyone. No matter who you are, you have to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays or you will look much older than your skin. Sunscreen is not just for the beach. It’s supposed to be worn every time you will have to go out in the sun. Buy a good quality Korean sunscreen and wear it whenever you are going out even if you are unsure if you will go directly in the light. It will protect the skin from sun rays and keep the skin healthy.

Sleeping with Makeup On

Not many understand how harmful makeup can be for your skin when you sleep with it on. First of all, you should avoid wearing makeup at all. It doesn’t let your skin breathe. You might get the confidence that you look good temporarily, but you will have to keep wearing it all your life. The layers will have to get thicker as you age. Take care of your skin and try to focus on your natural beauty.

Not Cleaning Mobile Phone

Mobile phones go in our pockets and on different tables. We keep it in our hands most of the time and our hands are also not always fully clean. We put the same mobile phone on our skin that is probably filled with germs and bacteria. Make sure you clean your every time and avoid putting it in unclean places. Alternatively, use headphones if you want to keep them away from your face.

Never Exfoliating

The process of exfoliation cleans the skin thoroughly. It’s important that you exfoliate every one or two weeks. Buy yourself a good-quality exfoliator that is perfect for your skin type. You should also know that exfoliating too much is also not good for your skin. Everything should be done in a balance. Try to use a toner to shrink pores after exfoliation.

Not Sleeping Enough

No beauty products can help you if you are not getting proper sleep. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep every night. The daytime sleep is not very good. You might not feel tired after day sleep, but it is not really healthy for your body. Make a healthy routine and try to sleep by 10 PM and get up around 6 AM. Morning exercise or jogging will help rejuvenate your skin and body.

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