Flower Meanings: Picking the Perfect Flowers for Your Partner

Picking the Perfect Flowers

While there are several gifts you can give your partner to show them you care and signify how much they mean to you, few are as good as flowers. Sure, some can be expensive, but there are also flowers for every budget

Flowers not only look beautiful, but they can also fill a room or home with a pleasant aroma. There are all different shapes and sizes of flowers, so you can be sure that you find one your partner will adore.

However, different flowers can have different meanings. These are often important to think about when deciding to get flowers for someone else.Without any further ado, let’s go over the meanings of some of the most popular flowers out there to help you choose the right one for whatever situation you find yourself in.


One of the most versatile flowers out there are tulips. There are tulips for every occasion and they come in a range of different colors. These flowers often signify passion and can be a declaration of love.

When you send these to your partner, they are a sign of an intense love and can show someone just how much they mean to you. These flowers look great in a bouquet, in an arrangement or even when given as a single stem.


When you think of roses, you likely think of the red roses signifying love and affection. They are very popular on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. They are gorgeous and can stand out due to their unique appearance.

But while most people only think of red roses, they actually come in many different colors, and each can have their own meaning. For example, white roses can symbolize innocence and spirituality, pink roses can signify happiness and peach roses can symbolize gratitude and appreciation. 

So when you think about getting roses for your partner, taking the extra step to match up the color with the significance of the event can be a thoughtful gesture.



Orchids are a popular flower in vases and arrangements all over the world. Their unique look, interesting petals and potentially-vibrant colors are sure to turn heads wherever they are. These flowers are also great for making a wedding more memorable.

As for what they symbolize, orchids often signify exotic beauty, as well as refinement and charming maturity. Some also believe that orchids are a strong symbol for femininity, as well. Orchids are also natural air purifiers, which is another great reason to consider them for your loved ones.


Peonies and their ample and almost fluffy petals are a beautiful addition to any arrangement or bouquet. The meaning behind these flowers is one of bashfulness, which is essentially a reluctance to draw attention to oneself.

The reason that bashfulness is often associated with Peonies is because of the past notion that nymphs would hide in their petals. While popular all over the world, these flowers are especially popular in Japan and China. In fact, in the East they are often referred to as the “King of Flowers”.


One of the more intense and interesting-looking flowers, Dahlias come in a range of eye-catching colors and shades. As for what it symbolizes, the meaning of the dahlia can be hard to pin down. It can signify everything from good taste, to change, to elegance and wealth.

As a result, this versatile flower can be given on many different occasions, and is often paired best with slender and more muted flowers, as they are quite vibrant and bright. It is used in many ceremonies and celebrations all over the world.


With over 75 different species, hydrangeas are a popular and varied flower that is native to many areas around the world. They are also popular due to how different one can look from another. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, to fit the decor of any home or office.

These flowers symbolize heartfelt emotions. So if you feel gratitude for your partner, love, or any other emotion that is heartfelt, deep and authentic, hydrangeas can make a wonderful flower to give. As for their unique name, it is a combination of the Greek “hydor” and “angos” which mean water and vessel, respectively.


Few flowers are quite like sunflowers. Not only are they huge, but their seeds and bright yellow petals provide this flower with a very unique look. They are common in gardens and homes alike. Their large face is very similar to daisies, and they primarily bloom during the summer.

Loyalty and adoration are just a few of the things that these large, tall and imposing flowers symbolize. Other meanings that have been associated with sunflowers are pure thoughts, dedication and ambition.


A short and bushy plant, marigolds are popular and beloved for their many different bright colors and shades. They can come in red, orange, yellow, white and gold. Marigolds signify both passion and creativity, and they are known as “the herb of the sun”.

However, like some other flowers, marigolds also have some semi-negative meanings. For example, marigolds can also symbolize grief and jealousy, so be careful. 

While it is important to keep flower meanings in mind, they aren’t all that matters. If your partner loves a certain flower and wants it, it’s fine if the meaning doesn’t always relate to the situation at hand.

Some people might like certain flowers and have no idea about their meanings, and that is perfectly fine. However, if you are giving flowers to someone other than your partner who you might not know as well, consider the meanings to ensure you aren’t offending anyone or sending the wrong message.

In conclusion, each flower can have a very different meaning from another. We hope learning about these meanings has been able to help you find the best flower for your partner and are able to fit whatever situation you need them to.

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