The UK’s Big Six energy providers give free substitute boilers to qualified homeowners and private tenants, as it is issued by the government’s boiler grant scheme. The government supervises and organizes this boiler grants to ensure transparency and accuracy for eligible candidates. The government also intervenes in the free boiler scheme to ensure that fuel poverty throughout the United Kingdom is properly addressed.

This free boiler grant scheme also implies that houses can get an energy-efficient replacement to a boiler and a heating system that minimizes cumulative carbon emissions from UK households.

The next part of the scheme is to empower homeowners in the UK to install energy-efficient gas boilers. As previously mentioned, under the Affordable Warmth Obligation, energy suppliers made an agreement to install substitute boilers under the boiler grant scheme for households who cannot afford to replace a gas boiler.

Nearly 250,000 households are intended to be eligible for the full government-supported boiler grant. Houses that are eligible for a boiler grant must, therefore, where appropriate, install a new gas boiler, central heating system, and heating controls.

Your grant funding depends on your income, benefits, the energy efficiency of your home, and the age of your existing boiler. If you are unsure, you can contact your local gas boiler installers to check.

Who are eligible for the replacement boiler grant?

Those who can apply for the boiler grant must meet the following conditions:

  • Own a home;
  • Their former boiler must be more than 7 years old and above;
  • Receive some government benefits. List of government benefits below;
  • Your property should have a gas source.

Those who can apply for the boiler grant must receive some of the following government benefits:

  • Working tax credits;
  • Income-based JSA;
  • Income-based ESA;
  • Child tax credits;
  • Income support;
  • Pension credits;
  • Universal tax credits.

You are automatically eligible for the replacement boiler grant under the Affordable Warmth Obligation if your annual household income is below £16,010. You are also automatically eligible if you receive pension credits and child tax credits.

When is the boiler grant scheme expiring?

The present ECO free boiler grant scheme will expire by March 2022. The government also has a stipulated budget for the grant. It is advised that homeowners hurriedly apply for the new boiler grant so as not to miss out on the scheme.

According to some laid down guidelines in the Affordable Warmth Obligation, a homeowner may need to pay for part of the cost of installing a new boiler in their home. This only happens in some situations not generally.

Applicants who are receiving child tax credits, universal credits, and working tax credits would be evaluated based on their annual household income levels. The number of children and adults, number of rooms in the home will be used to calculate the household income levels.

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