From Salman to Alia Bhatt- Bollywood Celebs Wearing T-shirt in Hindi Songs

B-town is loaded with amazing inspirations, and we hold strong evidence that proves it. The song list we shared below has already won millions of hearts, but once again, you would be compelled to catch of glimpse of these songs as celebs, through their swaggy look, will steal your attention. Perhaps you might have left unnoticed these valuable fashion cues that Bollywood celebs share with you every time in their songs. Hence, this blog one-by-one will expose them all for you so you could get inspired and spice up your style. From men’s t-shirts to classy women’s tees, these Celebs choose only basic tee for their song shoot that you can never fail to spot if you wish to look elegant like a celeb.

  1. Alia Bhatt in sleeveless white – “Samjhaawan.”

Let’s begin with b-town’s one of the youngest yet gorgeous actress Alia Bhatt who wore a sleeveless white tee in her song “Samjhaawan.” Alia looks truly breath-taking in the song for two reasons- the first is that she has sung the song in her own voice, and the second is her good-looking and simplistic appearance that makes this song truly appealing to the eyes. Alia chooses only plain white tee coupled with jean; a free hairstyle draws our eyeballs on Alia’s best casual look.

  1. Ranveer Showcasing Blue Hues- “Befikre”

Ranveer- the most energetic celeb isn’t far from sharing his most fashionable side with us through his song “Befikre.” Although the guy is best known for his quaint statement piece but this song is special because Ranveer not just dressed as a smart boy, but he chooses blue in multiple ways that truly inspires us. Ranveer tries mens t-shirts in the song in different styles that is worth noting.

  1. Salman Khan Black Tee And Shirt Fusion – “Swag Se Swagat”

Perhaps it looks like Salman does less care about style, but it’s impossible that he fails to dominate others when Bhaijan makes a special spot on the big screen. His song “Swag se Swagat” proves it. Salman wears a well-coordinated outfit for the song in which a plain black tee works like a perfect add-on. Black goggles on the top of that create a staple outfit that truly looks fabulous over Salman khan.

  1. Katrina In Loose T-Shirt – “Dhunki”

When the discussion on Salman looks is on, and Katrina don’t grab the special spot in the list, it sounds impossible, right! Katrina, in her song “Dhunki”, wears a loose white t-shirt that she teamed up with a denim skirt. Smokey eyes add more elegance to Katrina’s look, and beyond a doubt, the whole song gets its real grace from Katrina’s special appearance.

  1. Hritik In Beach Style – “Ghunghroo”

The next big name on the list is Hritik Roshan, renowned for his killing looks and breath-taking dance moves. But this time, Hritik steals the show with his style alone. In the song “Ghungroo” from his recent movie, Hritik dressed in a beach style shirt coupled with a sunny t-shirt and a pair of pants. A nice white hat makes it the coolest outfit for Hritik.

  1. Tiger Shroff In Vest Style – “O Saathi”

“O Saathi” the song pleases to the ears but looks great to the eyes when you are on the hunt for the best fashion cues for men. Tiger chooses a sexy vest for the song, which is certainly the best choice. After all, it is the best tool to showcase those big biceps that Tiger already understands.

  1. Shraddha In Full Sleeve Tees – “Sun Raha Hai”

Although, Shraddha never has tried ladies t-shirts in her songs that often but in her first debut, we caught a glimpse of her full sleeve t-shirt look that she teamed up with a skirt. Curly hairs seem to add more volume to the look that perfectly matches the feelings and emotions for which the song is all about.

  1. Parineeti Jacket Swag – “Drama Queen”

We have spotted Parineeti Chopra many times in ladies t-shirts style, but in the song “drama queen”, the woman genuinely steals our attention. Parineeti chooses a black tee with black denim and completes her outfit with a red jacket which looks truly great for a millennial girl look. Beyond a doubt, a fashion-savvy girl must mention this look in her style diary.

The Bottom Line

This blog makes it clear that the B-town celebs are all set to inspire us. One just needs a strong vision to spot the vital thing that beautifies their lifestyle. All these songs are packed with inspirations if you seek some style cues on a t-shirt from the best source. Still, if you find it hard, don’t forget to pay a visit at bewakoof.com as it is the ultimate destination where you will be guaranteed to find your dream look with ease.

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