Get Trendy with these Stylish Accessories from Jb-Luxo

The Dutch company Jb-Luxo established by J. Blankenstein in Warmond has decided its aim to be bringing back the classic essence of leather products. Minimalist, elegant, and a class apart from the competitors, the leather products by Jb-Luxo will make you fall in love with them.

Ideated and initially designed by the founder of the company itself, the leather products are made from genuine cow leather. Jb-Luxo offers an entire range of products that you can use while at home, in the office, and even while traveling.

Let’s have a glance at the range of products offered to the consumers by Jb-Luxo:


Designed with smooth edges and a naturally grainy texture, these cardholders are a must-have for every professional. Visually appealing, easy to carry, and functional in design, these cardholders can easily allow you to carry up to 15 cards.

Passport Cover:

Travel in style with these minimalistic leather passport covers. Available in multiple colors and textures, these passport covers are designed with sufficient storage space. The Jb-Luxo passport covers are durable and light and will keep your passport safe on your adventures.

Watch Pouch:

Luxury watches need care while you carry them. The watch pouch designed by Jb-Luxo is perfect for the job. Quaint, compact, and lightweight, this watch pouch adds to the style quotient of the otherwise boring luggage. It has a unique design that makes it perfect for your dressing table.

Key Organizer:

No one had ever thought that not only carrying keys will be comfortable but also stylish. Featuring a minimalist folding design, this key organizer can easily hold 4-8 keys. Its design prevents the keys from rattling, while the genuine leather casing prevents damage to other accessories from the keys.

Leather Handles:

These simple yet elegant leather handles can dramatically uplift your home and office interiors. Simply replace the handles of the drawers, sofas, cabinets, etc. with the Jb-Luxo leather handles and entrance the onlookers. Sturdy, soft, and grainy in texture, these can also be used as keyrings and tea towel hangers.

Travel Bag:

Pair your Jb-Luxo leather passport cover with their genuine cow leather travel bag. This duffle bag is perfect for a short trip and has a classy appearance. It has specialized compartments, dividers, and zippers for things like passports, keys, and smartphones. The design makes it convenient and well-suited for both travel and fashion enthusiasts.

Knife Bag:

Stylish, functional, and perfectly safe, this knife bag is the choice of the modern chef who likes carrying their tools with them. This luxury genuine cow leather knife bag allows you to safely carry the sharp kitchen tools without dropping your style quotient. You can easily carry up to 7 knives in this bag at a time.

Pencil Case:

The Jb-‘Pienza’-Case is a stylish piece of stationery that one would love to carry. Featuring a simple design with a zipper on the top, this is a perfect gift for students who have just joined university.

Leather Notebook:

Jb-Luxo has designed this luxurious-looking leather notebook with replaceable pages. The user can simply swap the filled A5 pages with the new ones and continue making use of this leather notebook.

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