Going Lightweight? Merge Your PDF Files with these Easy Steps

If you are going through all your MS Word documents for either research, review, or presentation and you want to travel light, then you do what pros do. You merge all your files into a single document for convenience. Say you’ve already done converting all your Word files into PDF. Still, you need extra comfort to squeeze them all, and then you need to merge pdf online, using an excellent converter tool. People who travel lightweight usually leave their laptops at home and bring an Android tablet or an iPad. It makes sense to merge all your existing PDFs this way, so it is easy to browse them using your tablet. PDF files are practical in the sense that they are compatible across computing platforms. They keep their appearance and format even when you are using an iPhone to view them. They are handier than a Word or Pages document because they only need a PDF reader.

Merge Your Multiple PDF Files With GogoPDF

GogoPDF works by doing all the converting on the cloud. Whatever processes happen in the conversion is not reliant on your computer. That makes it fast and reliable. Frequently, computers can break down. Your files can get lost during a power surge, malware attacks, or hacking. Using an online converter tool like GogoPDF, your computer is rid of the processes and memory constrictions. You can even do the conversion process across different platforms. GogoPDF will work whether you are using Linux, Mac, or Windows. This compatibility, along with any operating system, makes this nifty online converter such a joy to have. The ease and speed of use are the qualities that make GogoPDF popular among online users.

Pro Version

When you switch to the pro version, then you get added benefits. The pro version allows you to upload and download multiple files. With GogoPDF, you can do many tasks. The pro version also protects your uploaded file with its encryption method. With this method, no one can access your files. You can choose to delete them or store them online for future use. This is also a suitable method for those who are always merging or converting their files daily. Instead of sorting the files through your computer folders, you can do the sorting on the cloud. The pro version also offers dedicated customer assistance. This is crucial for those who sometimes run into issues online. This is common when you work with corporate projects, where massive files and data are a common thing.

A Practical Way To Distribute Your Files

Combining all your separate documents is a minimalist approach. For example, when working on a project and releasing copies of the same documents, why not merge them all so you get the files from the same source? This will save you time. You also get to protect your documents because PDF files can never be altered. This method will increase your productivity and also give you more energy to work on other tasks.

Merging all your PDF files still keep their data, but you pull them out from one file. Instead of rummaging through your folders(this can be risky because you might delete them by accident), you get the files from one source. On top of this, you also create a copy of the same file on the PDF cloud. So in cases of accidents where you delete essential documents, you can still pull an existing copy from the web. This is a failsafe method that works with all professionals.

Merge Your PDF Files by Doing These Easy Steps Using GogoPDF

The steps are straightforward and few. You can even add GogoPDF as a Google Chrome extension. This is GogoPDF’s handy method for those who don’t want to bother typing the URL every time they go online.

  1. Open your chosen browser and go to the official GogoPDF website. If it is already part of your browser extension, then click on that extension. With GogoPDF, you can also use your search engine to look for the GogoPDF website.
  2. You will see several tools on the website. Choose Merge PDF, and a converter box will open. You can drag or drop existing files for the converter to merge. The tool will scan your documents and upload them to the site. The site will give you an option to review before joining the files. Your merged files will then be available for you to download.
  3. Download the merged files to your computer for distribution or personal use. You can now take the single file containing all your documents wherever you go. It is a handy way to carry all your documents.



Easy, right? Well, that’s GogoPDF for you! Now, you can quickly merge your PDF files together without fuss! Try it out for yourself now.


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