Guidelines for e Tender Delhi Bid Submission

e Tender Delhi bidding is a competitive process in which various businesses bid for a contract with the government of Delhi. It is an important process that helps to ensure that only the most qualified and capable bidders are chosen for the contracts.

Here, we are providing some of the most important guidelines set by Government eProcurement System for hasslefree submission of e Tender Delhi:

  1. Bidders are required to submit their bid proposals within the due date. If due to any reasons, a bidder does not place their bid, they, in most likelihood, will not be provided with any grace time.
  2. To place a bid, it is important that the bidders keep their computer system ready with sufficient RAM, high speed internet connection along with an unrestricted access to the Delhi eProcurement Portal.

In case you’re finding it too cumbersome or time taking to arrange for these requisites, we advise you to contact BidAssist and get assistance in bidding for an e Tender Delhi. They will help you in creating your bidder profile to catalogue creation and all the way to finally placing the bids. 

  1. Another important document to keep ready is a valid Digital Signature Certificate. This will be required to sign most of the documents at the time of bid submission.
  2. For the deadline of a bid submission, the bidder should check the server time, one that is displayed on the bidder’s dashboard as they sign into the portal, for reference.
  3. Go through the tender documents thoroughly and prepare well in advance all the details and documents that will be required to attach with the bid proposal.
  4. It is important to keep the required bid documents in the correct file format, acceptable file name and within the file size mentioned in the tender document. Without these, a bid proposal may get rejected.
  5. Bidders must obtain a Bid ID which is like an acknowledgement slip or receipt for future reference.
  6. There is an option to withdraw one’s bid application after the proposal is submitted. But it must be noted that once the proposal is taken back, the bidder will not be able to participate in the same tender again.

With these guidelines in place, if one adheres to these and places their bids as per the format and well in time, their chances of winning a bid against an e Tender Delhi will inflate greatly. That said, it is important to know the various types of documents that one might be required to provide with their bid proposal. These are:

  • Company Name/License Holder Name
  • Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Name of Partners/ Directors
  • PAN/TAN Number (In case of no PAN/TAN, enter ‘TEMPZ9999Z’ instead)
  • Establishment Year
  • Nature of Business
  • Legal Status (Limited Company, Undertaking, Joint Venture, Partnership or other)
  • Company Category (MSME, Ancillary Unit, etc.)
  • MSME Certificate
  • Corporation Certificate
  • Experience Certificate with Government Contracts and more

To conclude, before bidding for an e Tender Delhi, it is important to go through the guidelines given above thoroughly. No matter if you’re bidding for a PWD tender in Delhi or an IOCL e Tender, these guidelines will remain the same. However, there will be certain edits to the list of documents when you’re bidding for any specific tender, for example an IOCL e Tender or a Coal India e tender Delhi as the basic requirement of the contract here will differ.

In order to have a smooth bidding experience for such tenders, we suggest BidAssist. Here, you can find all kinds of e tenders, be it an IOCL e Tender or a PWD tender. All you need to do is buy yourself a bidder plan which suits your requirements the best. That way, you will get assistance from the start – in bidder profile creation to bid proposal creations. Which simply means that you’ll have constant support from start to finish in your bidding journey.

Some frequently asked questions regarding e Tender Delhi bidding process 

What is Government e Tendering?

E Tendering is a process that involves bidding online and an evaluation of all bids, based on criteria such as price, quality, and delivery time. The evaluation is done by a committee of experts appointed by the government. This committee then recommends the most suitable bidder for the contract. The successful bidder will be awarded with a contract after completing all formalities and complying with all conditions laid down by the government.

What are the types of Tenders by Delhi Government? 

An e Tender Delhi can be released from a number of government departments, like PWD, MCD, Textiles, etc. These tenders can be named as Coal India tenders in Delhi, CPWD Delhi tenders, IOCL e Tender in Delhi among others.

Are GeM Tenders government tenders? 

Yes. GeM is an e-commerce platform launched by the government of India. Here businesses can list their products and/or services online and buyers (with a government profile) can hire them by soliciting bids.

Can I find an e Tender Delhi on websites other than Delhi eProcurement Portal?

Yes. You can take your search to websites like BidAssist and surf through a plethora of active e Tender Delhi opportunities.


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