Health Insurance – Eye-Catching Benefits You Can’t Pass Up

Is health insurance in Switzerland at the top of your to-do list? And time running short too? Put your worries aside and spend a little time here. We will tell you all about health insurance and how you can have the best benefits at the best price.  So stay tuned!

The Health Insurance Model in Switzerland

Apart from watches, chocolates and the beautiful snow, Switzerland is also very well known for its superior medical facilities. Switzerland is known as one of the best for its health insurance. They have divided their insurance into two—the Basic and Supplementary plans. Everyone, whether new or existing citizens in Switzerland, must have the Basic plan within three months. It is not only compulsory to have but also a paid one. The basic plan will cover all your and your family’s basic needs, including illness, medicine, etc. The supplementary plan is an optional one and is an addition to the Basic plan. It will cover over and above the basic plan like providing private single rooms in the hospital, freedom of choice to visit a doctor, etc.

Both the plans have many features and costs attached to them. If one carefully studies them, one can have a good health insurance policy for self and family, getting more benefits and paying may be less than your current premium amount. One of the fastest and convenient methods to do this is online health insurance comparison in Switzerland. It will show you comparisons of different insurance companies and plans with their pricing and benefits. It will ask you to put in some basic details and make selections according to your health care needs. They can send you free quotes on request as well.

In this list of benefits and costs, there are some eye-catching benefits that you can’t pass up. Hang on, and we will make it easier for you.

Some Not to Miss Out Benefits

Here we give you a list of benefits that are good and beneficial for you and your family.
If you think you will require eyeglasses, then do opt for an eyeglasses cover. After all, you can change it every year. If you go to the gym regularly, then opt for Gym subscription cover. Opt for complementary or alternative medicine reimbursement if you would require Osteopathy & Massages. Deductibles option is not to be missed on. There is a minimum deductible of CHF300 and a Maximum of CHF2500 for an adult. Increasing your deductible will give you financial benefit on your insurance charges, which could be up to 50% to 70%.  But think twice as no doubt it will save you money, but it will also increase your share of contribution, which you will need to make first in case of any health care needs. But if savings are substantial and you can put your share of contribution aside, then this will be quite suitable as it will save you every year.

By default, the deductible for a child is zero, but many companies offer additional discounts if you increase it on child cover. Be careful here, as it increases your share of contribution in case of any health needs and also make sure if your child is going to tun 18 do not opt-in for this, as your child once becomes adult and independent, might not be ready to pay extra.

Many insurance companies provide you with a supplementary outpatient cover. It covers all of the above and things like eye care, contact lenses, medically prescribed medical equipment, and outpatient physiotherapy not prescribed by a doctor.

Look in for changing your visiting doctor modal. Moving from Standard, the costliest, to Telephone Medical Consultancy could decrease your premium by 15%. If your place of living has basic facilities and you do not have any members having any major health concerns, this could be an excellent way to save.

These are a few eye-catching benefits you will see while making a health insurance comparison in Switzerland online. Try out different combinations as per your need and family financial and health conditions. Check out the health insurance comparison website in Italian versions.

The Key to Eye Catching Benefits

So the key is that switching your health insurance company can give some relief on your premium amount. Do consider it. Compare all online and study in detail. Of course, please verify all the information as ultimately it is your responsibility to take health insurance for yourself.

One needs to ensure that self and family get all the benefits at optimal cost from a health insurance cover. And yes, do not ignore how is your insurance company rated on customer care and claims service. After all, at the time of need, this will play a critical role.


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