Nowadays it is very common to find at least one or two pets in every household, cuddling with your fluffy furry partner could be a great way to get rid of all the exhaustion you had throughout a tiring day. So, it has become a preference for almost everybody to have a cute little pet of one’s own choice to spend some adorable relaxing moments with.


Although petting an animal is fun but it comes with some responsibilities that include taking proper care of your pet’s food, walking your pet every day, training your pet, and taking care of its bedding and comfort. These days all such needs could be fulfilled effortlessly because of the easy availability of pet supplies. The pet supplies include a pet collar that not only helps in the identification of your pet but also makes a style statement, a leash to attach with the collar for your pet’s safety, pet clothes made of polyester, fleece, and many types of fabrics that can keep your pet safe from extremities of weather, pet beds that are soft comfortable and relaxing and various choices of pet toys as well. All these products are readily available in your nearest wholesale pet shops or retail suppliers. Moreover, there are thousands of choices from where you can select the best item that would suit your pet’s needs.


This fondness of people towards animals as pets has given a great boom to wholesale pet product suppliers. When we talk about pet products including textile products for pet clothing, pet leashes, collars, pet toys, and pet bedding the only country in terms of raw material as well as finished products that come to our mind is China. It sometimes is very difficult to negotiate with suppliers who belong to a completely different country or region. To understand the documentation, and the company protocols you need to have a good grip over their language and if you are a foreign client this could cost you as well because many substandard product sellers can make use of your restricted language understanding, so it is important to select a proper supplier for yourself who not only negotiates well during material sourcing but could provide you with the best quality of the product.


Many exporters and suppliers claim to be working in this field for a long but you can’t always trust everybody with your heavy investments. You need to get in touch with such a supplier who works hard for your satisfaction starting from the sample work to the clearance. Hipet is for sure your best choice, we deal with e-commerce, wholesale pet suppliers, and small pet store retailer. Although it is very easy to find suppliers who provide great quantity at less price, especially those who are dealing from such areas of China where the product cost is not much high (quality is much inferior), we prefer quality over quantity that is why we have been dealing in almost 5 big continents for over ten years and have utmost client satisfaction.


No matter what your niche is we provide the best quality of material for your product, sampling is our key focus because that is how we get to know about our client’s demands. After getting the sample approved we try to get in touch with the best textile providers and sometimes get into production by ourselves as well to make sure you get what you desire.

The product then undergoes many stages of quality checks at this point it is stored in our warehouses where all the QC protocols are guaranteed. Once a uniform batch with zero error has been produced, it undergoes the process of loading and clearance, and all files and documents are dealt with utmost care so that the product is declared and ready to be dispatched.


One feature that makes us different from other suppliers is our customer service. We try to remain in touch with our customers throughout the process. The client is briefed about every step in the form of images and current product status and even after the product is dispatched our after-sales service works very efficiently to make sure our clients suffer no loss in case of damage, because ‘’We value our customers the most’’.

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