Holi Celebration in Dubai 2024 – Events, Activities & Best Restaurants

Have you ever given a thought to what is considered holy? Something with a sacred purpose. Festivals like ‘Holi’ signify that good always triumphs over the bad and the color plays in Holi symbolize enjoying that win. First Holi is always special in Hindu culture. So, if you plan your first Holi celebration in Dubai, what will be more special than that? 

From tourist attractions to Holi 2024 events & parties in Dubai, everywhere you go during Holi, you will feel festive vibes. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into our celebration. 

Holi in Dubai

‘Days in Dubai are dynamic’ they say. So, festivals are a feast. Are you longing for a majestic holiday? The days of your Holi party in Dubai are going to be more majestic than you could ever imagine. What will it include? Color blasts, live music, luscious foods, savory drinks, entertaining performances, and much more. Although Holi is going to be celebrated on March 25, 2024, the events will be organized for the whole month, setting a euphoric aura in the town. 

Places for Holi Celebration in Dubai

Celebrations that have candid decorations are unforgettable. For memorable celebrations, there is a need to find special places to celebrate Holi in Dubai and it takes work to find them. But do you need to worry about anything when we are here with you? Below is the go-to list for you:

Holi Hai – Color Mela at Zabeel Park

A fair is a collection of millions of memories that shape our childhood dreams. One such fair, ‘Holi Hai – Color Mela’ at Zabeel Park, is organized to harmoniously celebrate the colorful festival of Holi. With live dhol, DJs, eatery points, and organic colors, it is an unmissable Holi party in Dubai for everyone. 

La Mer Holi Celebrations

Having a sunbath on a beautiful beach in Dubai is never a bad plan. Right? But, imagine that a random sunbath on a beach turns into a Holi celebration in Dubai. How joyous would it be? That imagination is going to become a reality at the La Mer North Beach Holi celebrations. Delectable palates, soothing sights, radiant colors, groovy music, and much more await you at the La Mer Holi celebrations and you are just a step away from the biggest celebration of your life. 

Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 at Creek Park

Dubai Creek is near captivating tourist attractions like Al Seef and Al Fahidi. So, wouldn’t your Dubai trip revolve around the Holi festival in Dubai if you got to be at an event in Dubai Creek Park? Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 is your chance at that! If you have been a fan of Bollywood music, you must have heard Holi’s special Bollywood songs. The artists in the Meteora Rang Barse Holi 2024 add a new touch to those compositions and make them more interesting. 

Top Holi Events in Dubai 

Events are the highlights of Dubai on any occasion. So, how come your Holi in Dubai isn’t going to be eventful? Your presence at any of the below events is going to be a feature of your Dubai holiday this time:

Holi Sundowner 2024

Gen Zs love sundowners and why won’t they? Sundowners are a great change in the party culture, making it even more exciting. Be it any occasion, when you go to a sundowner party, the charm is matchless. So, if you are searching for the best Holi party in Dubai, stumble upon the Holi Sundowner 2024, and trust us, it will be the most memorable evening of your life. Create your rainbow by mixing organic Holi colors with the natural color of a beautiful sunset at Holi Sundowner 2024.

Location: JA Shooting Club, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. 

When: Sunday, March 3, 2024, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

AKS Color Carnival ‘24

Holi is a festival that is enjoyable to the fullest with our family. But is there a Holi event in Dubai that we can enjoy with your family? Yes, there are! AKS Color Carnival is organized to make you and your family happiest with authenticity in delivering immense joy. Its buffet of cuisines, mixtapes of songs, and packets of entertainment felicitously go with its name, AKS Color Carnival. 

Location: The Sevens Stadium, Al Ain Road, E66, Dubai, UAE. 

When: Saturday, March 2, 2024, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Holi Masti 2024

Imagine how fun and eccentric it would be if your Holi celebration in Dubai consisted of a blend of organic, flamboyant colors and the natural colors of the desert. It is possible if you are present at the Holi Masti 2024. This event is organized near a beautiful desert where you can mix natural vibes with the music of renowned artists and have a jolly Holi party.

Location: Terra Solis, Dubai Heritage Vision, Exit-29 Jebel Ali, Lehbab Road, Dubai, UAE. 

When: Sunday, March 3, 2024, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Restaurants Celebrating Holi in Dubai 

The food adds flavor to a celebration. The restaurants that are the culinary masters of Dubai are aware of that and that’s why they put up a special menu of delicious gourmets during Holi in Dubai. Relish your Holi celebration by being a guest at the Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai:

The Oberoi

Holi, an Indian celebration, is incomplete without Indian delicacies. Isn’t it? The Oberoi Dubai is there to treat your taste buds with palates that you love on the land of Dubai. Finger-licking recipes like Dal makhani, Paneer bhurji, Hariyali soya chaap, Chingdi malai curry, chicken dum biryani, galouti kebab, imarti, malpua, and more are ready to be enjoyed from March 25 to 29. Add the flavor of Holi sweets and snacks at The Oberoi to the festive vibes.

Bol Gappa

The Indian snack ‘Gol Gappa’, ‘Paani Puri’, or ‘Puchka’ is full of sweet and sour flavors. Taking inspiration from Gol Gappa, the restaurant Bol Gappa is here with a Holi special meal that has a popular Holi recipe from various parts of India, signifying a diversified yet united India. Get back to your Indian roots with dishes, sweets, and drinks like sev tamatar, dal, malai kofta, kadhi pakoda, gajar halwa, gujiya, kesar doodh, and more.

Masala Bazaar

Just like life is known for the spices of emotions, Indian cuisines are known for the dazzling handmade spice pastes that are the backbone of their taste. Masala Bazaar brings that Indian flavor to your Holi celebration in Dubai with its different platters. You can rejoice in grubs like medu vedai ki chaat, aloo gobi, punchranga pulao, paneer diwani hand, and dhal maharani. 

Plan your Holi Celebration in Dubai with Next Holidays

Celebrations can be celestial if planned right and ruined if not. So, why take a chance with a celebration that can be remembered forever? Plan with someone you can trust and when it’s about trust, there is no one better than Next Holidays! We value your holidays above anything else in this world and go beyond all the possibilities of making your holidays ceremonious. Holi in Dubai is way more than a holiday and we are here with you to get that celebration right. Just make a call and let’s get on board for the best Holi of your life!

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