House of Horror Miami 2016

At Universal Studios Hollywood, there was an attraction called Universal’s House of Horrors. It was the fifth iteration of the “Stage 13” house’s walk-through maze. (Previously featured themes include Chicken Run, GrinchMas, The Mummy, and Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula.) Before being turned into an amusement, the “Stage 13” building housed various restaurants. The amusement first started in March of 2007.

At Miami International Mall, South Florida’s Largest Halloween Amusement Park and Haunted House Sizzle with Terror. More Entertainment for the Whole Family

House of Horror Miami 2016:

House of Horror is a terrifying carnival that occurs right here in Miami at the Miami International Mall throughout the entire month of October, right up until Halloween. “

This ghostly carnival has been terrifying South Floridians for more than a couple of years, and it’s now greater, “meaner,” and even scarier.

Overview of the House of Horror Miami 2016:

The actor runs the Freak Emporium on the carnival midway, where he sells memorabilia from old-time entertainers. There’s the half-human/half-elephant woman, the four-legged lady, and the suicidal piano. He tends to give trips to his “bedroom” as a way of welcoming visitors ตำนานสยองขวัญบ้านร้าง.

For the past seven years, he has planned to spend every Halloween dressed as various characters such as a vampire and, most recently, Jake the Ringmaster clown. He creates extravagant background stories for his plot lines, the most recent of which is: If Jake doesn’t like someone, he kills them, Calkins says sinisterly. His pants’ leather straps are made from his bearded mother’s hide.

Each day, the protagonist spends hours getting ready for his job. With his long black hair pulled back, a makeup artist applies a white base all over his face. The terrifying clown gradually takes shape. Calkins turns into Jake using red paint and black eyeshadow.

The actor, tasked with giving people a spine-chilling encounter, appeared seemingly out of nowhere in a panic, stood like a sculpture in front of terrified guests, and growled loudly enough to send people fleeing.

Scare Factor of the story:

According to Nelson Albareda, the event’s organizer, the scare factor is what attracts thousands to the event. The yearly fear carnival, which is in its seventh year at the mall but has been trying to run since 2001, is expecting more than 150,000 visitors in 2016.

Within the mysterious area are a scary graveyard, 1455 Prison, and the Gates of Phobia, where visitors are confronted with primal fears such as monsters and night. Blood and body parts cover the asylum, psychiatric ward, and childcare.

Rules of Scary House:

The performers must also learn the scary house’s rules. They are unable to touch or be contacted by others. In case of an emergency, security guards are posted throughout both buildings.

The protagonist, who openly admitted having a “special fashion taste,” preferring dark, torn clothes with chain stores and straps (when he’s not on the job), says he feels more like him when he’s portraying someone else.

Michael Calkins, a mature actor, performs this character sincerely that no one can deny his ability.

Final Words:

Calkins is one of about 50 Halloween-loving individuals who get dressed up every day to give patrons a terrifying experience at the Freak Emporium, a creepy pub, an asylum, and a graveyard during the annual House of Horror Haunted Carnival. The characters amuse the people in a horror environment. The entire set creates a terrifying scene that heightens the audience’s fear.

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