How can health checkup kiosks release the burden in hospitals?

Chronic health conditions are pretty common worldwide and are the treatment costs are considerably high. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 crises, the hospitals’ burden has increased significantly both in terms of costs and space.

To reduce the burden in hospitals, health checkup kiosks are an easy solution.

What are health checkup kiosks? 

Health checkup kiosks or health checkup stations are the digital devices that help people to have quick and accurate health examinations for various health conditions. They reduce the time required needed for follow up visits.

What are the types of health checkup kiosks? 

There are two types of health checkup kiosks:

Self-service kiosks- These devices can be operated by the patients, and assistance from the medical staff is not required.

Nurse-operated kiosks- These kiosks are operated by healthcare professionals for health examinations.

How can health checkup kiosks release the burden in hospitals? 

They are available at many public places such as shopping malls, community centres, etc. From basic health screening to the diagnosis of the complex health conditions, health checkup kiosks due to the following benefits reduce the burden in hospitals:

  1. Serves more patients 

Health checkup kiosks provide health examinations in 5-10 minutes and can thus serve more patients than a doctor.

  1. Quick service 

When the checkup is quick, health checkup professionals get patients’ information quickly. This allows them to provide immediate service to the patients.

  1. Early diagnosis of chronic health conditions 

Chronic health conditions are the primary cause of deaths worldwide. These diseases are often diagnosed late due to the absence of any early symptoms. The regular monitoring using the health checkup kiosks can reduce the complications.

  1. Easy monitoring of vitals for at-risk groups 

Vitals include blood pressure, body temperature, breathing rate, pulse rate, weight, etc. Monitoring vitals regularly is essential for a healthy life and using health checkup kiosks; this is possible even outside hospitals.

  1. Immediate and confidential results for consultation 

Health checkup kiosks provide your health data immediately that can be printed or emailed. The results are entirely confidential, so you can use it as an alternative to visiting hospitals for follow up visits.

  1. Prevents many complications by early diagnosis

World Health Organization’s data on hypertension shows that around 1.3 billion people have hypertension worldwide. This silent killer is often not diagnosed early due to the absence of any symptoms. Health checkup kiosks can help you to monitor your blood pressure numbers without going to the hospitals.

  1. Economical solution for hospitals 

Early diagnosis reduces the complications and thus, the treatment costs as well. Also, telehealth costs are much less than treating patients in hospitals. It saves useful hospital resources and reduces the financial burden on the healthcare system.

  1. Make space in hospitals for patients with chronic conditions

When people regularly monitor their health status using the health checkup kiosks, early diagnosis of many serious diseases is possible. In the early stages, treatment can be done even without hospitalization. This makes more space and time for people at dangerous stages of chronic health conditions.

  1. Control the spread of COVID-19 

COVID-19 is putting the inevitable burden in hospitals. Regular screening of vitals and consulting a telehealth doctor using the health checkup kiosk can help you prevent the disease.

Due to the benefits mentioned above, health checkup kiosks help release burden in hospitals.

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