How can I maintain my PMP certification?

Once the individuals have online PMP Certification In Phoenix then they also need to fulfil different kinds of professional development unit’s requirement as well to maintain the credential. As a credential holder, the individuals will be having the right kind of knowledge and experience to obtain certain eligibility requirements and for this purpose, they also need to have 60 professional development units over three years to maintain the credential perfectly. Hence, going with the option of PMP certification Denver and its maintenance is very much important and the continuing certification requirement cycle will start the day when individuals will pass the examination and will end on the same date after three years.

Following are the most important things to be paid attention to by the people to maintain their cadential:

  1. It is very much important for the people to start very early and establish the perfect strategy for attaining the professional development units in the coming three years before the cycle begins. It is also very much important for the people to maintain the folder for all the PMP professional development unit claim documentation.
  2. The people should report the activities soon after the completion and the professional development unit should also be reported through the online Continuing Certification Requirement System or CCRS.
  3. It is highly advisable for the people to take advantage of the opportunity of transferring the professional development units from one cycle to the next and if they are credential holder that they can transfer up to 20 professional development units earned in the last cycle to the next cycle.
  4. The people need to make sure that they have registered the program number for REP classes which is very much required for them to fulfil this particular system.
  5. The professional development units and requirements will be broken down into two categories one will be for education and the other one will be for giving back. There will be different kinds of requirements for both the categories and the education will be based upon 35 in terms of minimum which will include the 8 from the technical portion, 8 from leadership, 8 from business management and the remaining 11 can be from any area of the triangle. In the cases of giving back 25 maximum have to be achieved out of which 8 will be maximum in terms of working as a professional and rest will be divided into creating knowledge and volunteering.

It is very much important for professionals to indulge in several kinds of activities like project management institute publication quizzes through articles and white papers along with quiz so that they can boost their knowledge and can earn between 0.5 into 2.5 professional development unit depending upon the length of the content. Apart from this people also need to volunteer service and indulge in different kinds of community offerings and professional activities through the self-directed learning systems and educational programmes by the outside providers as well. Gaining all these kinds of skills associated with the online PMP training is very much important for the people so that they are very much successful in terms of maintaining their credentials.

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