How Cannabis Oil Is Creating a New And Healthier Market For Cannabis Products


Cannabis is dealing with a problem of image. Lots of people perceive it as harmful. Not only as a product itself but also to communities and cities. It causes violence, drug dealing, and lots of other negative side effects. However, the product also comes with positive effects. This is exactly what is now being exploited through the creation and production of cannabis oil. This type of oil is very different from weed, as it does not come with harmful side effects. In this article, we will explore how it can be made, consumed and the key differences with cannabis.

Difference with weed

Weed comes with negative side effects. This starts with smoking it, which also results in substances such as tar entering the lungs. Next to that, there is the psychoactive component THC, which creates the feeling of being stoned. Especially the THC gives it the label of being a drug. This is the main differentiator with cannabis oil: the oil does not have psychoactive components. You can use it without influencing your behavior, and thus can use it safely every day of the week.

The production process of the oil

When it comes to production, it is different from cannabis as well. The plant is being used as a whole and combined with chemicals to extract the oil from it. In a later stage, the chemicals are filtered out and the oil remains. Another process type, known as CO2 extraction, is using CO2 to extract the oil. The upside of this method is the fact that there are no added chemicals, which results in a higher quality of the product. Many leading producers, including Cibdol, are making use of this method.

How to consume

The oil is typically provided in a droplet-version or a capsule. The droplet allows you to add it to a broad variety of foods and drinks. When looking at the online community, there are many potential options you can consider. This also gave birth to new recipes and drinks you can try out. It is also beneficial to move ahead with the capsules. These have a fixed dosage of cannabis oil, making it easier to consume to same dosage every time. This will result in a higher effectiveness of the oil over time.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits that CBD can bring to you. Cibdol has conducted research and summed up some of the potential benefits. For example, it helps to combat restlessness, can increase your productivity through better focus, and can help people become calm. This, in turn, is dependent on the dosage you are using. Besides the dosage, there are also different levels of concentration. Cibdol and other manufacturers recommend starting with a low concentration and test if it helps for the use case you have in mind. If not, you can try a higher concentration and test it. In this method, you can come to the right dose for your use case in a responsible way.

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