How Care Homes Can Raise the Standard

All care homes in the UK are required to meet specific care home standards, which include safeguarding from abuse, receiving consent, providing food and drink, and allowing visitors. These are the bare minimum standards that every care home should already cover – meeting these doesn’t mean the care home is particularly exceptional. The first goal of any care home should, of course, be to uphold them, but to raise the standards and provide a high quality of life for all residents, there are some extra steps the home can take. Here are some of them. 

Improving Training

The heart of the care home is its care team. The best way to improve team members? By investing in better training and doing it regularly. Training is a great way to increase team members’ skill sets and let them reach their absolute potential. It shouldn’t just be delivered at the beginning of their careers, either – instead, it should be an ongoing opportunity for everyone who works there. 

Providing Lots of Activities

At its core, care homes are about supporting residents and ensuring safety. To truly excel as a care home, you should go beyond that by providing stimulating and enjoyable activities. Places like Signature at Reigate Grange do this well, as it has many activities to suit every resident’s preference. If a resident enjoys gardening, they can grow their small plot. If residents are film fans, they can make the most of the cinema. The range of activities makes a care home stand out, making it a more enjoyable and exciting place for residents to call home. 

Installing Safety Monitoring Measures

One of the best ways to raise the standard in care homes is by implementing the right technology – specifically, safety monitoring cameras. These have become increasingly common in care homes as they ensure accountability from carersand give peace of mind to families. When cameras are installed, everyone in the care home knows their actions may be watched, so they are more likely to work to their best potential. Plus, it gives peace of mind to the resident’s loved ones, especially if they get access to the recordings. 

Creating a Homely Atmosphere

Care homes need a safe and clean environment, but that shouldn’t be it. The best care homes go above and beyond by decorating to create a homely and positive atmosphere. There are many ways to do this, from painting the walls a fresh new shade to bringing in some greenery. The more pleasant the surroundings, the more enjoyable it will be for the residents to live there. 

Forming Lasting Relationships

Last but not least, one of the best ways care homes can go above and beyond is by forming lasting relationships with the residents and their loved ones. It really does make a difference, as it means the residents can enjoy positive communication with the care team, while the resident’s loved ones get to stay informed. Overall, these strong relationships create a much more positive environment for everyone all around. 

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