How Do Hallucinogenic Drugs Actually Affect the Brain?

Hallucinogenic drugs are responsible for taking reality and distorting it in a way to bring unrealistic things to life. It’s not uncommon for people that wish to experiment with party drugs to seek out hallucinogenic.

If you’re going partying, it’s important to understand the effect that hallucinogenic drugs can have on your brain. Here’s what you need to know about dissociative drugs and altered consciousness.

Common Hallucinogenic Drugs

There are several hallucinogenic drugs you might have heard of. LSD is otherwise known as D-lysergic acid diethylamide and is odorless and white in color.

This drug is known to alter the mood and the way people that take it perceive reality. DMT is another hallucinogen drug known for making people feel as if they’ve lost a significant amount of time or experiencing depersonalization.

The common experience that people seek out known as ayahuasca is made from the plant that has the chemical DMT in it. With an understanding of some common drugs here’s how they affect your brain.

Affect Prefrontal Cortex Activity

The prefrontal cortex of your brain is responsible for several functions including:

  • Managing emotional response
  • Helping you set goals and achieve them
  • Predicting the consequences of your actions

When you ingest hallucinogenic drugs, it makes it increasingly challenging to focus on single tasks. It also inhibits the ability to take the information you’ve received and process it in a way that can be comprehended.

Because of the decline in your cognitive ability, you remain in a hallucinogenic state until the effects of the drugs wear off.

Interference with Serotonin Production

Whenever you ingest any form of chemical it’s safe to assume it will affect the chemistry of the chemicals within the brain. One such chemical that becomes altered is the production of serotonin.

Neural circuits found within the brain are responsible for a series of functions including regulating your body temperature and making it possible for you to fall asleep at night.

Hallucinogenics don’t’ affect that actual release of serotonin but it can cause problems when you’re asleep. For example, you might begin to experience an increase in nightmares or disturbances that are visual.

Mental Break

If you decide to use hallucinogenic outside of going partying the chances you remain in an altered consciousness state otherwise known as psychosis. Psychosis is categorized as a disorder that can take weeks or even years to heal from.

When someone is in a state of psychosis, they will become increasingly paranoid and suffer from severe mood swings. When it’s all said and done the choice to buy LSD online is yours.

Hallucinogenic Drugs & Your Brain

Much like other forms of drugs hallucinogenic drugs have a specific effect on your brain. They can cause a momentary break from reality and increase your nightmares.

Before you set off on your hallucinogenic experience, we recommend you take some time to check out some of the other posts we’ve created. You never know what you’re going to find.


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