How Do You Determine Speeding Fines in the UK?

Speeding Fines

The overspeeding is undoubtedly the most frequent and subliminal rule violation we make in everyday life. Whether it is for hurry, fun, or boredom, speeding can result in unfavorable ends. Personal safety and public safety are enough reasons to keep your vehicle under the prescribed speed by law.

Some criticise the speeding tickets and complain about too many speeding cameras, while others say the driving laws should be more strict for safety measures. Nevertheless, the citizen has to obey driving laws responsibly.

Without further adieu, let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of speeding fines, payments, and procedures.

What happens after a violation is committed?

The minimum speeding fine is £100 with three penalty points. And with the accumulation of 12 points within three years, the driving license of the violator could be disqualified.

The violator will receive a NIP within 14 days of your car being caught if being caught on the camera. Then it becomes compulsory to return the section 172 notice and tell who was driving the vehicle within 28 days. In case you ignore the deadline, you may have to go to court.

And after the section 172 notice is done, you will receive Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) or a letter to come to court on the mentioned date.

Wonder what happens if a Police officer stops your car, either one of the three scenarios will happen. 

  • you can receive a warning 
  • You can recieve an Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)
  • And order to present in court on the date prescribed in the latter.

What getting Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), There are two possible scenarios you might choose. 

When pleading guilty

Keep in mind the minimum fine is 100euro with 3 points decreased out of 12. If you complete 12 points within two years, you will get qualified. 

It’s worthy to note that, You can avoid it by committing to a speed awareness course by the government. Only if your offense is appropriate and you have not taken any speed awareness course in the past three years.

The payment of the fine depends upon the location of the speeding camera

  • For Engliand and wales, pay fine online
  • In Scotland, you can pay your fine in 4 ways namely online, phone, postm and courts.
  • In Ireland, you can contact Laganside Courts Complex in Northern Ireland.

When pleading not guilty

Keep in mind the fines might get higher. It depends on how much speed was above the set limit by the law when caught. And it can reach a maximum of 1000 to 2500 euro depending on the side of the violation. 

The drivers who did not spend two years after getting a license are in more trouble. The violator will get his license revoked or disqualified if caught exceeding 6 violation points out of 12. 

Here’s a guide from Frank Rogers Law on how to properly deal with a notice of intended prosecution.


Get to know about speeding ticket bands

In the case of paying the ticket, it’s worth knowing what charges you have to pay according to the degree of your violation.

Band A

For 1-9mph over speeding, the violator gets a speeding ticket with a fixed penalty. It ranges somewhere between 25% to 75% of your weekly income. Moreover, In other cases, If caught breaking the law in the vicinity of a school or big heavy-duty good vehicle, you can get greater penalty. Additionally, the violator will get 3 penalty points.

Band B

While overspeeding 11 to 20 mph over the set limit by law, the penalty falls in Band B. 75% to 125% of your weekly income can be charged as a fine. The ban is severe because it equals a ban on driving of a minimum of 1 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, the violator will add to the record between 4 to 6 penalty points for disqualification.

Band C

21mph over the speed limit results in compulsory appearance in court. The fine falls between the range of 125% to 175% of your weekly income. Not only that, you will be forbidden to drive for 8 weeks. Also, 6 penalty points will be added to your violation record.

Band D, E, F

The important notices that can help you to prevent falling in these bands are as follows. Avoid violation on-bail, drive large and dangerous caravan, heavy load of material or passengers, unacceptable behaviors, the vicinity of high-level traffic.

Don’t forget the minimum fine on these bands is 1000. Furthermore, it increases according to the intensity of violation but can be tone down because of the genuine emergency or good behavior.

  • In Band D, 200% to 300% of your weekly income.
  • In Band E, 300% to 500% of your weekly income.
  • In Band F, 500% to 700% of your weekly income.
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