How Does Blue Light Affect Your Eyes?

Blue light

Blue light is a high-energy light emitted by the sun and digital screens; this light can penetrate past the cornea to the retina of the eye. In addition to the exposure of blue light from the sun; nowadays, several studies have shown that an adult can be exposed for around 12 hours  to blue light coming from digital devices in a day! This is not just during the day but extends up to late hours of the night as they mindlessly scroll through their mobile phones, extend their working hours on computers, or watch movies. This overexposure to blue light can be overwhelming for the eye and it may lead to a number of problems, how ever two of the most common are:

Digital Eye Strain

It is also known as computer vision syndrome and it’s one of the most common temporary effects of using digital devices for long periods. Its symptoms include blurred vision, red, teary and sore eyes, epicanthal folds, back and neck pains, or sleeping difficulty. It is caused by the intense concentration of blue light on your eyes; staring at your screen without blinking, and the glare of light that bounces off the screen and into your eyes.

Although this is a temporary condition that you experience during and shortly after using devices, if it keeps on happening often it will lead to more serious eye conditions.

Macular Degeneration

This is a condition that mostly occurs as you age and it involves the breaking down of cells in the retina. The permanent damage on the retina compromises the area of the eye which is responsible for clear vision; consequently people suffering from macular degeneration will experience blurred vision. Overexposure to blue light accelerates the development of this condition since the high energy waves are concentrated on the retina.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light

To save the eyes from all the previously mentioned problems, you can consider getting a pair of blue light glasses. There are many types of blue light glasses available in the market and you might be spoilt for choice in buying which ones are the best for you.

The best blue light glasses to wear at night are the ones that block 100% blue light from reaching your eyes. If glasses let in even a little blue light, it will interfere with your sleep quality. However, these types of glasses distort images and interfere with visibility. For glasses that you will use during the day, you can go for those that block partial blue light for the sake of clear visibility as you move around.

What Else Makes a Good Pair of Blue Light Glasses?

Anti-reflective or Anti-glare

When there’s a significant contrast between the light in your surroundings and the brightness of your screen, light tends to create a glare on your screen. This leads to eye strain which is an uncomfortable feeling that affects your productivity. Buying blue light glasses with an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating will save you the trouble of dealing with eye strain. Also, if wearing an eyeglasses is not an option for you, you can always get your contact lens with blue light technology from


You can also look classy and trendy while wearing a pair of blue light glasses, there is no need in compromising your personal style. Blue light glasses are made in a variety of fashionable frames and you can choose whichever suits your style.

Additionally, remember that buying a pair of blue light glasses online is safe; with all the changes that our society is facing e-commerces offers an excellent range of frame options. Once you choose the frame you prefer our suits you best, proceed to add the blue light coating to the lenses and wait for the blue light glasses to be delivered to your door.

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